Notification when Micro SD card full?

I have the Wyze cam V2, with a Micro SD card installed and set to only record when motion events occur. I noticed today when I checked the “View Playback” section in the Wyze app, it told me there was no card installed! I went to the cam’s settings, advanced section, manage SD card, and the colored bar (showing how much data the card contains) was almost completely full. I tapped the button to reformat the card, and the bar changed to reflect 0.0 gigs used.

So what happened? Does the app just let the cam’s SD card full up and then stop saving videos?? Is there no notification system to tell you the card is almost full (so you can reformat it or delete saved videos to free up space)? Is there a better way to manage saved videos on the internal SD card (nope, I’m not subscribing to Wyze’s service)?

When the card fills up, it’ll overwrite the oldest footage of the card. No need to format the card. There is no notifications to tell you the card is full because when the card fills up initially, the oldest gets deleted at a rolling one for one style and the it’ll always appear full. I have had rarely happens where my low quality card get a fault, I don’t know what caused it but the oldest wouldn’t get deleted. When I switched to quality high endurance cards I haven’t had that issue since.


OK, I’ll have to take another look at what card I’m using. I’m not sure why the app would tell me there’s no card installed if it’s simply near full, though.

It’s called SD card failure. You may want to instead purchase an “endurance” SD card which is designed for using on cameras.

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Probably because the Cam can not write to the card. If the cam hits a bad cell it may freeze up.
Info On HE Cards High Endurance Cards

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Thanks, I was unfamiliar with “high endurance” cards. I’ll try that. Much appreciated!