Not so NEW kid on the block

For all disgruntled Wyze cam users, here is a replacement for v3, v3 Pro, WCO… you get my drift.

It looks like it is an amazing camera, with a price tag to match.

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I feel what you’re saying but the reason it was moved is due to relevance of topic. One of the things that we’ve done lately is try to clean up the forum spaces for newer users as over the years it had gotten rather cluttered. Being that this is not related to a Wyze camera It was moved to water cooler because it would be a general discussion topic. The cameras section is where people seeking help with specific devices in that particular topic cameras versus say switches or vacuums would look for issues or help related to Wyze cameras. I don’t think many people would visit wyze forums necessarily to find solutions in other cameras. But as it may be relevant to some people and might even assist some people the topic was kept. It was just moved to a more generalized area of the forum. I don’t know which specific moderator moved it and I don’t speak directly for them but going along with what I know of the organization of the forum I can assure you this is what took place. Nothing more nothing less. I hope that helps with some sort of explanation as to why that movement was taken


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I looked it over and my reaction is pretty much, meh, The price is on par with ring, but for the money, Wyze is better, in my opinion.

I’ve had Wyze cameras for 4 and a half years. In fact, the first V2s I bought are still going strong. I don’t see the need to start switching out cameras that are 3 times the price. But, then again, you are directing your comments to “disgruntled Wyze cam users.”

Good Gracious! They sure are proud of their creation aren’t they! One indoor cam for more than the price of 4 V3 cams. One Floodlight cam for much more than the price of 2 Wyze Floodlights w\cams.

Not sure I’m seeing an “Apple” to Wyze comparison here.

Guess they gotta pay the Evil Fruit Empire.

And for us Fruit Averse folk?

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Exactly, way to many of them cluttering the forum.

In case you are not familiar with Eve. Back in the day, they used to be in the forefront of technology. They’ve come up with a technology for around $200 that will allow you to stream cable TV, Free over the air, convert your analog VHC to digital with a single USB/FireWire device geared toward Mac platform. Then things changed technologically, and other players came along and streaming over the internet became a norm. This when Eve changed the course and became a Home Automation company. Over priced in my oppinion.

Considering the also-overpriced competing floodlights, $250 isn’t completely outrageous, but $150 for a simple indoor cam is a bit much.

I’m not interested in a hard coded Apple ecosystem either, although their emphasizing local control is a plus.

The camera designs are a bit different but mostly meh. (Indoor one looks stupid.)

Somebody could make decent money packaging a line like this around Home Assistant instead.

Edit: how is this “amazing” anyway? It’s fixed and only 1080p !

Pretty sure there are much cheaper Apple compatible gear vendors anyway.

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I was just interested in opinions in the outdoor version compared to v3 and v3 Pro :slight_smile:

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Price/performance/features ratio is very unappealing to me. Customer’s noted “hard coded Apple ecosystem”, Eve’s comments indicating no plans to accommodate Matter and the wave of user app & firmware bug reports are deal-breakers for me.


If I remember correctly, you’ve never complained about Wyze :wink:

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I always air my Wyze complaints, but I supplement them with easy solutions… and Wyze usually obliges. :+1:


So no $250 camera for you then? :rofl:

I have cams that cost more than that, but performance and feature are on par with price.

But none of them are Eve.