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I am having a connection issue with one of my v3 cams. I have it installed abovemy garage and cannot get a signal. I was able to get a signal for half day a few days after installing. I installed a wifi entender that is connected and covers the area, yet the camera still will not work. It has power and is steady red.

Welcome to the forums! Did you install the camera into the extenders wifi? Or is it still on your main wifi ssid?

It is supposed to use the same information as my main router (ssid/password). Should I reset the camera?

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If it and other V3’s are accessible you should try and swap out a working one.
Early on (from reports on here) it seemed some of the V3’s had poor antennas.

What brand and model is the extender?

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender(TL-WA855RE)

I believe the extenders create their own ssid which appears similar to your main ssid. If you installed your camera into your main wifi network, then installed your extender near the camera, you would need to now we set up the camera to the extenders Wi-Fi network information. If you are near the camera, do a wifi scan with your phone or something, do you see a new network with a “ext” or something attached to the name? May not be that exactly with something similar. The settings of the extender should tell you what the SSID it broadcasts is.

Any @Mavens have better knowledge on how extenders work in this instance and be able to provide some help to @RWolf here? Thanks friends!


I see the. ext ssid. I will reset the camera and try that.

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That was basically it. Once I reset the camera and used the extension network all is good. It took some time to get fully connected but it is up and running smooth,. Thank you!!


Nice! If you had a mesh network with different nodes it would all have the same SSID, but a network extender is like creating a second or more separate Wi-Fi networks to connect to.