None of my cameras showing time/date stamp watermark

None of my cameras are showing the time/date stamp on their video even though I have the option marked in the settings (SETTINGS > ADVANCED SETTINGS > TIMESTAMP WATERMARK). This is happening across all my cameras (4) and they are firmware version This happens on both my Android app versions 2.3.69 and Android beta app version 2.3.80.

Anyone else seeing this? Anything I can try to add the watermark back? It’s been missing for awhile now and I suspect it was from a firmware update.

Thanks, Gina

You are running Beta firmware. They turned off motion tagging, time stamps, etc to help them get clear pictures for person and vehicle identification.

Since you are running Beta firmware your question would be more easily answered in the Beta section.

Is version 2.3.69 beta? I left the beta program on my phone (and reinstalled the non-beta client) about a month ago and that’s the version the screenshots are from. No timestamp on that one.

The 2.3.80 is beta and on my tablet, so that one is beta - but it’s happening on both clients.


Oh I just read your post again - beta FIRMWARE. Gotcha. Can I downgrade to get the timestamps back?

Turn off vehicle/person tagging, and the timestamp and watermark will come back (beta feature that has been discussed extensively in the beta section)

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Yay, it’s back! I had to reinstall the beta app to get the option to appear for the vehicle/motion tagging. After I did, I shut it off and there is the timestamp!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile: