No Shipping Costs Displayed

I prepared an order for 4 items and went to finalize payment details and noted the buyer does not see the shipping costs until the transaction is complete.
This seems like scamming to me as I’m always suspicious of businesses that are not up-front on purchases. It seems that knowing ones location or entering an area code it wouldn’t be difficult for WYSE to supply this information with ones purchase details.
Could anyone that has ordered in Canada give me a hint of the cost of shipping for 4 cameras just under $200 Can$?
Do I have a chance in the process to cancel when I see the total cost including shipping?

Ordering mine from a dealer who is up front and probably faster delivery

Wyse Cam 02

Here in the United States at the top of the store it shows all shipping is flat $5.99…there not scamming you most likely a computer issue,we allways buy from the wyze web site not the app