No Recording on SD Card for Sounds Alerts

With recent Update and change to still images. Not Sure what is point of Sound alert if Cam doesn’t even record to Local SD Card for event. And it seems stupid to have continuous recording if events aren’t marked on timeline for local payback. The fact that you have to go-to cloud first to see events to then go to local to see full event especially when I’m on home network, and would be faster to go straight to local device.

Final complaint is did you not do wind testing? to help with sound alerts, Im at 15% and I’m still getting too may alerts. Anyone have a fix for WIND?

SD Card recording has always been motion only. Sound events are for cloud.

You can set SD Card recording to events rather than continuous so only triggered motion events get recorded.

If you record events only you can see them by going directly to the camera and using the playback function, but again, only for motion events.

To clarify my statement/complaints… Why cant sound alerts be recorded to SD-drive? and I guess I didn’t notice issue before because there was a clip not still image.

Can Wyze put event markers on timeline for doing continuous recording? and why do i have to do 2 step process to see local storage of events, i.e. first taking me to 12sec clip in cloud to then press “view playback” especially when I’m on same network? kind of waste of network traffic. calling outbound if not needed.

Also is it possible to have a multi-stage detection area… Record x area, but notify if Y area. I’m on busy road. Would love to have record of cars going down my street, but I don’t need a notification of every one of them, just if someone enters my driveway.

You are asking the wrong group. We are users just like you and have no control over what Wyze does or doesn’t do. You can submit a wishlist item for those things you want and Wyze may look at them but I wouldn’t count on getting anything changed soon or at all.

They don’t have a moderator that reads these?

Mods and Mavens are users just like us. They volunteer and are not Wyze employees.