No playback from my sd card

no playback from me sd card. Piss me off. Your forcing me to use the cloud!!! I want nothing to do with the cloud!! Do you understand? You have ruined your company. I have 12 cameras 1000 miles away and now I have to replace them, you a-hole


Let’s start of with, what doesn’t work? How are you trying to do so?

I can tell you that I have about 30 operational Wyze cameras and all of them play back from the uSD card just fine.


First, this is a user to user forum for troubleshooting and support. So, some information would be helpful for us to be able to help you.

How were you accessing playback? I’m still able to view the playback on all my v2, pan, and v3 cams.

If you’re referring to the events page: those have always been cloud recordings, they’ve never been SD recordings.

The Sd recordings can be found by clicking view playback on the live view of a camera, or by clicking the cloud recording on the events page and then clicking view playback.

Regarding the change to the events page, which are cloud recordings, Wyze sent out emails earlier this year regarding this upcoming change. In order to still view event videos rather than thumbnails on the events page you must subscribe to cam plus lite. There is a 0 dollar option, by clicking custom amount on the Wyze service page for cam plus lite.

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Thanks for responding. Says my sd card video playback not available must upgrade. The upgrade forces me to the cloud. I want nothing to do with the cloud. I bought sd cards for a reason. I don’t care if the cloud is free. I don’t want or need the cloud. Absolutely betrayed by this forced upgrade. Bad bad move by this company.

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You probably upgraded and are hooked to the cloud. I don’t want anything to do with the cloud. Free or not I don’t want it.

What cameras do you have? The only issue that I have seen is from the battery-operated outdoor camera as it has always had its clips uploaded to the cloud and appear in the events tab.

All other cameras can have their SD card footage accessed from the app.

@SlabSlayer Was able to test this on one of their cameras.

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I’m afraid if you own Wyze cameras you are using the cloud. All configuration is stored in the cloud and the cameras basically won’t work if they can’t connect to Wyze servers. You should consider another brand.


@gssgss, I have 10 V3 cams and I also use them remotely from a long distance. From what you have indicated you have had your 12 cams for some time and you have been using them from some distance.

Since the beginning when you first bought and set them up you have been using the internet and web to access any live video feeds from the cams, videos on the events tab and also any video that was stored on the SD Cards. This has not changed with the Wyze transition to CamPlus tier platforms. Wyze cams are absolutely dependant on the internet to work.

When your camera captures an image video clip, sends you a notification, and posts that video clip on your events tab in the app, that video you watch after selecting that event resides on the Wyze servers in the cloud. It has always been that way. When you click on that event and view that video, it is streaming that video from the Wyze servers in the cloud down to your device. It is not video from your SD card and has never been.

If you do not want your videos stored in the cloud or on the Wyze servers, only on the SD card, you can still do that. But you will not get any notifications or event clips in the events tab. You will only get playback video.

If you have your V3 configured to record to the SD card, those videos do reside on the SD Card, But if you are viewing the video from the SD Card from 1000 miles away, you are still using the internet cloud to do this.

Here are some encouraging facts though:

  1. You can still record and view your videos from the SD card (if you have the V3 as indicated by the tag for this topic)

  2. You do NOT need to pay for a subscription to do it. Regardless of what any of the emails or popups are leading you to believe.

  3. You can still be notified of movement and receive a thumbnail clip (stored on the Wyze Cloud servers of course) in the events tab without any subscription whatsoever.

  4. You can even get 12 second video clips (stored on the Wyze Cloud servers) on your events tab plus person detection for FREE.

Since you have already invested more than $350 in hardware alone, I am assuming you would prefer to learn how to do this rather than chucking the lot in the trash or spending countless hours trying to get something back for them. Not to mention the tear out, purchasing new cams, and installing those. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

This is a user forum. We are all Wyze Customers who paid them for our cams.

If you want to know how to do it. All you have to do is ask. You can even direct message users so it is private.

If you have already made your decision to throw the baby out with the bathwater, just delete the email and ignore it and don’t post back. But, I do hope to hear from you so we can get you back to where you were before.

Be safe and well!


Can you send screenshots of what you are seeing? Viewing your SD card recordings does not require any subscription.

If you’re referring to the events tab in the app, those are and have always been CLOUD recordings. Those are not SD recordings.

Hey, is this how you’ve been viewing recordings, by clicking Events?

Then guess what - you have never, not once, been viewing video off your SD card. You have been seeing “cloud” videos all along.


And you have always reached them with cloud services. As noted, it does not sound as if you are prepared to do the work required to have remote access to your own cameras without the assistance of a “cloud” based provided like Wyze…

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Wyze, terribly disappointed with your decision to force cloud. So what’s the whole point of the sd card slot? I’ve recommended Wyze to all friends and family for years I know at least of 30 cameras put up because of my recommendations. Now that’s all over. I’m done with Wyze.

That did not happen.

It allows you to have continuous recording or motion based recording, exactly as it always has.

Okay. Perhaps you and they can work together to understand the distinctions between the Wyze cloud recorded “events” and the continuous and motion detected recordings on your SD card (viewable under View Playback).

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @Ludwin!

uSD slot is still functional regardless of any cloud subscription. All my cams use it daily.

Provide some details about what you are seeing and how you are trying to access your uSD footage. Will be able to help better with details.

Some of the UI and messaging has changed in some recent updates, but it’s all still there.

Events = Cloud Recorded
Playback = uSD Recorded


Im having the exact same issue asI haveone V2 cam with an SD card and setup withno sibscription and on continuous recording. Now unlike before when I go to view playback there are no videos? Rather it says “no videos at the selected time” no matter what time i rewind it to???

Did you recently upgrade the firmware?

yes I did?

Have you done a reinsert of the card and formatted it by the cam in the SD Card settings? Also double check the SD Record settings weren’t changed by the FW update.

If that still doesn’t get it recording, swap out the SD for a known good one to see if it is the card.

And yes, uSD card do die…

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