No person detection/ no motion detection

Interesting, what do you have the level set at? Ours vary from 70-90 depending on how far away,I just pulled our events from today and our V2,V3 and our wireless outdoor camera are decoding,I’m seeing vehicle,pet,person

Just confirming, but wanted to make sure “motion tagging” is enabled on the “more” screen? Sometimes app updates revert or change settings from where you had it.

I’m at 90, but simple motion detection is working on my side (though I haven’t tested the notification system in this case). It’s just the people tagging and notification system that have become unreliable at best.

We have tryed it with it on/off and it works just fine we leave it turned off so if we have an recording it clean and ready to send it to law enforcement

Yes. Motion Tagging under “More” is green => it is active. I am guessing that one of the camera’s properties (PIDs) has been corrupted. I might get more info when I roll back this camera’s firmware when I get time.

I also installed the latest Android app on another Android tablet running OS 7, but still no green box showing.

With the old app and firmware you are mainly using I am sure you are running into some compatibility errors on those versions. That is why the old app version wouldn’t let you install past a certain point.

Wow thats weird I just walked in front of my V2,V3 and the box s how’s up,it’s used to tell you what moved,we leave it off so we get a clean movement recorded.

The bottom line is that running the latest Android app with the latest Cam V2 firmware does nothing to resolve the issue of no green boxes (motion tagging) showing up nor that Person Detection [Wyze Subscription - Person Detection (Pilot)] no longer functions.

Update: I added a NewInBox Cam V2 with firmware installed on it and the Green Boxes show up on this camera … does anyone have a Cam V2 running the legacy Person Detection (Pilot) Wyze Service that still works?

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Yes, several, and they are detecting people just fine, all the time.

Thanks for the info Customer. I Factory Reset the Cam V2 and it still has no motion detection. I give up! I will continue to use sensor triggers to capture 12s videos to the cloud for this camera … and the camera has an SD card in it for continuous recording.

So to be clear, even aside from person detection, you are getting no motion detection at all? No regular motion Events in Wyze cloud and no motion recording to SD? That’s really unusual. Obviously you can’t get to person identification if no motion is detected to begin with (since Wyze only does that after a motion clip is uploaded).

I’ve never heard of a Wyze camera that works, sees images, but just refuses to detect motion. :frowning:

The missing green box and PD are really just side effects.

Yup, that is correct.

The Cam V2 is operating correctly in every way except it cannot detect any motion, and I agree that the missing green box & PD are just side effects. The camera continually writes to the 32GB SD card & I have never set the camera to only record when motion is detected. I recently activated Sound Detection for the 1st time and that initiated a Notification. I find it hard to believe that Motion Detection is done via hardware.

Well, that’s a stumper. You do know you HAVE to have motion detection turned on before person detection will work, right?

Yes. I am familiar with all the settings.

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Update: I just could not let this (Motion Detection does not work) go! Wyze has disabled Motion Detection on my Cam V2 via firmware somewhere between v4.9.6.199 and v4.9.7.798 … thanks Wyze for letting me know about this MAJOR CHANGE! Your Person Detection (Pilot) Subscription Service stopped working by doing this!

I just flashed my Cam V2 with firmware v4.9.6.199 … magically I get a notification that Motion was detected and the Green Boxes (aka Motion Tagging) works as well.

There is an old saying: If it is not broken, don’t change anything.

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Bert Lance is credited but I had imagined it being much older.

This is why I haven’t updated my firmware in 3 years.

I’m having terrible AI problems as well since the AWS outage. People aren’t getting tagged. All motion is getting tagged as vehicles, it’s so annoying. Wyze support doesn’t do jack to help out at all either.

Are there any vehicles in frame? What’s the camera view?

Just front door, no vehicles are showing. Well except for the front right tire.

The “tags” arnt necessarily what’s being detected as motion, that’s just recognized objects that are detected somewhere in frame. So if you have a vehicle stationary in view of the camera and some other motion sets off a cloud clip, when that clip gets uploaded and analyzed the recognize object of the vehicle should cause a video tag. If motion was a vehicle and the clip is uploaded to the cloud that should also be tagged as a vehicle if it’s recognized by the AI.

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