No person detection/ no motion detection

Since last update a few days ago, no cam plus features working, and most movement not being recorded at all! Was working good before update. Now most everything is being missed. Frustrating.

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Many reports of this problem. Alexa announcements are/were down too. Mine started working again for a while but not sure it’s fixed. The event labels are still wrong.

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Mine did the same thing, i had to revert back to the previous firmware and now working fine
4 10.6.199 was my latest update and thats when it stopped detecting, so i had to revert back to my other cams are running and working fine but i cannot find that firmware anymore

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Interesting. My firmware hasn’t been updated in years.

Idk, but for some reason the cam im having pobs with had a different firmware and i cannot upgrade it to the firmware that my other cams have, so i just reverted back to a previous one and its working fine now

Without the detection selection the cameras are just a toy.

I’m getting motion events only on my Outdoor cam, but no person detection at all since the last round of updates. I feel like this borked after the firmware update for the base station.

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The last update killed my and person or sound so obviously I dont get notifications to my phone that they occurred. I bought 4 cams and they are just toys now. Same with my bulbs that were upgraded and now the scheduling doesn’t work.

Maybe someone at wyse is not as talented as they claimed.

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I found a support page that gave some recommendations to try if the person detection isn’t working on a Cam Plus subscription. In the app, go to Account–Services. Under the Cam Plus tab, remove the device that isn’t working from the license by setting it to Unassigned. Then add it back to the device. I’m on iOS I am not sure if the app menus are identical across all devices - I would assume so. Seemed to fix my issue anyway.


This hasn’t worked here (on iOS). I have this issue when the detection zone is on.

Its on your end,re boot your phone and sign out of the app then back in,

I just tested PD on my cam v2 with the Person Detection (Pilot) service that it has… I get no notifications (yes they are turned on), no motion tagging (the green box) as I walk thru the detection zone (yes it is turned on), and I also tried turning off the zone and still no green box is being shown on the live video feed.
I just installed a v3 camera and activated a 2 week CAM+ trial period and that camera is detecting things just fine. Is there an issue trying to run two types of services?
Both cameras had their firmware updated to the latest versions today. Is there some known bug in the cam v2 firmware?

It working on my V2,V3 and PTZ no issues at all

Thanks for the info.

You’re welcome

If only! I tried everything I could as an end user, from reinstalling completely the app, reactivating (and reapplying) subscription, or removing, resetting and reinstalling the camera. Nothing worked unfortunately.

When the detection zone is large enough (for a person to stand in from head to toe), the label “person” might appear from time to time (about 1/3-1/4 of the time). Very rarely do these generates notifications anymore. Regarding these notifications, I also tried turning them back on in the iOS settings.

Interesting, what do you have the level set at? Ours vary from 70-90 depending on how far away,I just pulled our events from today and our V2,V3 and our wireless outdoor camera are decoding,I’m seeing vehicle,pet,person

Just confirming, but wanted to make sure “motion tagging” is enabled on the “more” screen? Sometimes app updates revert or change settings from where you had it.

I’m at 90, but simple motion detection is working on my side (though I haven’t tested the notification system in this case). It’s just the people tagging and notification system that have become unreliable at best.

We have tryed it with it on/off and it works just fine we leave it turned off so if we have an recording it clean and ready to send it to law enforcement