No motion detected rule

I received and installed the new Wyze Light Strip today. I had hoped the rules would allow it to integrate with a camera to detect motion similar to a Samsung motion sensor automation. There is an ability to turn on a light when a person is detected, but no ability to turn the light back off when no further motion is detected. Am I missing something? How does one turn off the lights automatically without resorting to webcore programming?

I have a signal bulb that turns on when either:

  • Motion Sensor sees motion
  • Camera detects person

In the case of the motion sensor, I turn off the Bulb when the sensor clears.

In the case of the camera detection, I turn off the Bulb after 45 seconds.

The second rule actually will work for both; if the Bulb is on for x seconds or minutes, turn off the Bulb.

You can use the same “if has been on for…” rule with the Light Strips.

Note this really only works if you are dedicating a bulb or a light strip to this task.