No more dancing around it. Can you fix audio issues with Wyze v3 cameras?

Agreed. Apparently wind blowing near my cameras will set off the audio notification. I playback the recording and hear nothing. Unless you are void of wind, shadows, insects, leafs, and sunlight - can’t wait for the snow!! A real bummer!!

Later today when I have a chance I will re-create the 12 foot up the tree V3 cam audio test with a V2 next to it to compare the audio.

This will require a little bit of work but I have made an adapter to tap my current 12 volt power feed that connects to current 12 volt to 5 volt Micro-USB regulator adapter that powers V3 from my solar panel battery supply.

Original camera by Honeywell that the Wyze replaced was connected with a barrel connector, so my temporary inline adapter will power test V2 and V3 will be on it’s own 12v to 5v adapter.

This will be done later today when it warms up outside currently in the 40°’s F will wait until it is closer to 70° F and I drag out the extension ladder to access camera up the ladder 12 feet on the tree and run the side by side testing.

I will likely start a NEW POST with all the videos from the side door V2 vs. V3 side by side test earlier.
And this upcoming test with a side by side test of a V2 vs. V3 12 feet up on the tree audio comparison.

Starting the new post is just to have a less cluttered post with these tests, and make it easier for the Wyze Staff to review the audio differences.


Below is the Honeywell outdoor camera that was originally replaced with a V2 in outdoor enclosure, then a V3 once those came out.

The Honeywell cam costed over 10 times the price of the V2 or V3 and was only 360p resolution.
Basically a horrible camera, and Honeywell tried and lost their lawsuit against Wyze for making a better / cheaper camera. Honeywell claimed they had the intellectual property rights as they invented security cameras … LOL :joy::joy::joy:
The judge felt otherwise… There is a post in this forum on the Honeywell lawsuit…


Now at over 100 times the price of a Wyze Cam
I could install one of these PTZ with 32x optical zoom IP cams out of my e-wasted collection of security junk that I have collected when doing upgrades at job locations where I was told to dispose of these working units. Someday I will as time allows.

WTI Sidewinder/Python PTZ Camera


Aren’t you assuming that if there is an issue it’s a software/firmware issue and not an inherent issue with the microphone or onboard sound chip?

And if it’s not addressable by a firmware fix chech back when the cam v4 is released.

NO, @horn as stated in post 38 in this thread…

“The V3 Wyze Cam Audio definitely could use some improvement but your hardware may be the limiting factor here as maybe the vendors that make the cams you sell are 2 different Chinese manufacturers? - Or some one has chosen a cheaper microphone and audio I.C. chip / audio processor?”

Found the Sent Folder, had to click down arrow, did not know that…

Hopefully Wyze addresses and answers their customers concerns this week.

Thanks for your reply.

Still waiting for temperature to get close to 70 F before the next V2 vs. V3 test…

But a heck of a cold front just rolled in…LOL

Just a glitch in another High-Tech Product during data capture…LOL
Real Temperature appeared a split second later.

This V3 has my counties Air Quality Sensor next to it and is available on
That is how I am monitoring many things such as AQI, Humidity, Temperature, etc…


Here is the V2 & V3 12 feet up the tree side by side audio comparison, unfortunately they were done at separate times due to WiFi distance to Mesh WAP and V3 beat the V2 in the transmission of data.

Had to unplug the V3 for V2 to get audio to cloud, and for some odd reason the V2 audio was not captured on SD card at that exact moment when both were on and sound was enabled.
(must of been a firmware bug - like that ever happens)

V3 Audio Test from cloud event 12 feet up the tree

V2 Audio Test from cloud event 12 feet up the tree

V2 Audio test FAIL from SD at exact time V3 was tested.

Previous Side Door V2 & V3 Audio comparison, you can even hear the Non-Wyze Professional Alarm System (Self-Installed) Remote Keypad Audio announcing door opening
V2 event below:

V3 event below:

The V3 Wyze Cam Audio definitely could use some improvement but your hardware may be the limiting factor here as maybe the vendors that make the cams you sell are 2 different Chinese manufacturers? - Or some one has chosen a cheaper microphone and audio I.C. chip / audio processor?

And to be fair to WYZE the V2 is not IP-65 rated and the microphone hole on a V3 which is IP-65 rated has a protective layer to keep out the moisture which could affect the audio too

Again the Forum Rotated my picture automatically - to better view click on it then enlarge and download it, Then Rotate for best view.

V2 - V3 side by side setup

The location originally had a 12 volt camera so a 12 volt to 5 volt Micro-USB adapter was installed

Added back weatherproof electrical tape once done and tucked down wires.

V2 test setup used for this experiment


New post opened for less clutter when reading @WyzeChao
V2 vs. V3 Audio test comparisons for WYZE STAFF review (Hopefully)


Hi Peter, are you by chance using an iOS device? We think part of the discrepancy for different users having different experiences is that iOS has some audio codecs that haven’t been playing nicely with the firmware on our v3. Android seems to work better and we haven’t seen the same types of issues with Android phones. We’ve got a concrete set of fixes slated for the v2.28 app (should be out in Jan’22) that will either address all of these issues or give us a definitive path to fix them in 2.29. Thank you for your patience.


I have same exact issue with my echo show.

Works perfect in android app, but audio choppy/garbled on echo show.

I have the very same audio issue on my 16 Wyze V3 cams. Listening to the event recording and the sound just cuts in and out. When “in” it’s VERY muffled.

Same issue with my V3s on my Echo.

My echo shows give me startling, loud and garbled notifications. It’s really awful.

I have the same problem, this video is from my baby sleeping, The video is so noisy that I wouldn’t hear my daughter if she cried:

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I am having a static/hissing/crackling noise with my V3. The issue appears to be coming from the camera itself. If I pick up the camera and put it close to my ear, I can hear static coming from the speaker. I imagine that the microphone is picking this up.

Can someone else who is having the static issue confirm this?

There does not appear to be a solution yet.

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I have the same problem, I can hear a sound like a TIC from the camera every 2 seconds. It´s realy annoying at night, when the baby sleep.

It probably has something to do with making the microphone waterproof.

You have the mic enabled when you do that? It could be the reverse and its just the environment sound that the mic is picking up where you are.

Then again these are not audiophile quality sound parts lol. You might just be expecting too much from a $30 thing.

For reference: I have the mic permission disabled and turning on the audio with rain and environment noise and it sounds as I would expect.

This is exactly my experience. Two V3’s are useless for audio. People speaking in the same room are so muffled you can’t tell what they are saying but a V2 in an adjacent room picks it up much louder and more clearly.


I did the same test with a V2 adjacent to two V3s with the same result. V2 sounded fine. V3s were useless.

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I normally use the iOS Wyze app but because of this note I just installed it on an Android phone and got the same results. The V2 sounds fine. Both V3 cameras produce muted/garbled voices that are unintelligible.

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Same problems here. I received a replacement unit after wyze did their normal troubleshooting (factory reset, test wifi connection… bla bla tier 0 amateur stuff). The replacement unit has exact same issues.

Mine sounds like a baby breathing heavily with slight static (in silent rooms). Comparing to my nest and baby cameras, they do not have static issues in same room.