No Internet for Wyze Cam

I bought one Wyze Cam last week and have been really impressed with it so two more are on the way.

My question is, a friend of mine wants to set up security cams at her trailer. There is no internet there. I told her about Wyze so she’s interested. I suggested to buy a cheap router and once she gets a Wyze cam or two then to set it up at her home then bring the new router and cam(s) to her trailer. That way she should be able to still get notifications and view live time while at the trailer.

Sound good?

Your recipe will (almost) work fine. In order to first set up the camera(s), the cheap router will have to be on-line, with internet connectivity to WyzeHQ. Once the cams are configured with the Wyze app, then relocate the cheap router + cams to the trailer. Once there, she will be able to use smartphone to Live View over the WiFi network. However, there won’t be any notifications. The Wyze architecture is such that the cams send notices about events to the Wyze cloud, and the cloud then sends the notification to the smartphone app. Without internet at the trailer, the cams can’t send event notifications.

If she puts an SD card in the camera, she can configure it to record locally to the camera when she’s away, and then view the recorded videos upon her return to the trailer. Local recording can either be continuous or triggered by ‘motion’.

Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure about the notifications being able to go over wi-fi or not. I forgot to mention that I told her to use an sd card since no access to the cloud at her trailer.