No Events issue resolved by rebooting iPad

I mainly use my Android tablet to view my Wyze cams. I do have a 1st-gen iPad Air that I use on occasion.

Today, there were no recorded events. I happen to have the Android tablet, too, within reach. And the Android tablet was showing events.

Thinking I have the old Wyze app version, I opened App Store and tried updating. It looks like I have the latest. I rebooted the iPad and the events started showing. I’m not an iOS power user, so I might have done something else wrong.

Anybody else experience this?

Sometimes when you first open the Wyze app on a device running iOS the cameras recorded events doesn’t show until you do a refresh of the page (swiping down and letting go).

Sounds plausible.

Does the same thing sometimes happen when the app has been opened before, then ran other apps and the iPad is turned off? Then turned back on?

Edit - by “turn off”, I meant turn the display off