Night light continuous battery life

Has anyone tested the battery on these left on continuously? Results?

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If you use them powered on continuously, it had better be as a flashlight! I haven’t tested that, but I wouldn’t expect them to last long, probably not over a day. They are really only meant to be on with motion, and even then I wouldn’t recommend pairing them, as that can drastically shorten their life. Mine light up fine one at a time as I walk.

All that said, my bathroom lights last about 2 months, and my garage light (stuck to the side of my water heater so I find my way to the car door) lasts 6 months. It’s all about how many times a day they come on.


I’ve read some good but also a ton of bad reviews for the Wyze night light system.

Link multiple together

Bad mounting magnet
Battery life
Doesn’t connect to the Wyze app

For any users that have this system, is it any good or is it a headache? Are there any other alternatives to it that run on battery and can daisy chain together?

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