Newbie HELP!

Newbie here. Purchased a Wyze Cam 1080P Wifi Indoor Camera. Purchases the CAM Plus. No idea where the video is going but shows activated to camera. Went back out and bought Wyze Cam Outdoor (having neighbor issues). Bought a second CAM Plus. Can’t figure out how to activate and hook it up to outdoor camera. And where will the recording go? In the mean time had issues with neighbor last night as far as I can tell are none of it recorded anywhere. I don’t care about the indoor stuff recording. NEED outdoor recorded. Found B B gun shot in stuff on my property. Need to catch the guy. Thank you for any help.

Welcome to the Wyze community @jayemarkwell!
Make sure that you have selected the camera to be used with Cam Plus.

Look under the events section in the Wyze app.

Cam Plus isn’t currently compatible with the outdoor camera, it is coming soon!
The recordings are only 12 seconds long and that can’t be adjusted. You can adjust the cool-off time witch I’ll shorten the gap between 12 second videos.
If you want to change the cool - off time you’ll have to go to:
Camera livestream
Then settings
Then event recording
Then cool-off time.
In the meantime, I’d recommend that you put your indoor camera facing out a window. If possible turn on some outside lights and disable the IR lights on the camera.