New to cameras, looking at wyze and advice

Looking at the Wyze floodlight camera after a coworker installed a couple and really liked it. Also saw that now there is a Wyze cam v3 pro that has come out so looking at picking a couple of them up as well. Have a question about viewing the cameras once i get them on my iphone. i understand after watching some videos that i will download the app on my cell phone to view etc… Once everything is working i also want my wife to be able to recieve notifications etc. on her iphone. Could someone explain how to accomplish this? Does she download the app and have to scan the code on the camera as well. Thanks for any advise.

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The QR code only needs to be scanned once to get your camera associated with your Wyze account. After that enter your user name and password in the Wyze App on your wife’s phone. It would really help if your co-worker could show you how they use the App to view their camera. That is what I do when friends ask about my camera.

Thanks, he showed me briefly but was dead set on nest until i watched some reviews and saw how long of a cool down it was between notifications. 10 minutes after it detects motion before it will send another notification. Also, nest live view timed out and kicked you off after 10 minutes. With the Wyze how long can you bring up live view and monitor. Not record but just view if desired.

I have viewed my Cameras on Alexa Show Devices and Firesticks for hours.

I also have routines that auto pull the cameras up when the doorbell is rang and I’ve had that stream run overnight because I had forgotten to close it on the Alexa device.

While I have had them go for hours and overnight, I have also seen that that they may buffer and then disconnect if the network gets congested, but this is not due to a “timeout” function, but more so network latency.

Hope this helps.

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With Wyze this so-called “cooldown” period is 5 minutes, unless you pay for the CamPlus service.

Here is a good comparision of the available Wyze plans.

I live view my 5 cameras 24/7

my advice is to get your money back and get Arlo cameras!

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That’s enough ‘advice’ outta you, fella. :wink:

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you don’t like Arlo? please reccomend another brand then!

I use a brand called Wyze, and love it.

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Looks like you are an Arlo user. The mystery remains, what are you doing trolling a Wyze forum?

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Looks as if he or she tried Wyze and is no longer happy. This happens.


I get that, but he/she offered no helpful advise to anyone.

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Thanks. Wanting to purchase some V3 Pro but only thing in the stores is the standard V3. Also, after you load the app on your iphone, how would your wife also view the cameras and get notices as well.

You can either ‘share’ the cam with them (them as a lessor user), or as a trusted individual in your household you could share the User ID & password of the main account, which would give them all the same privileges and power as you have.