New Thermostat install. C jumpered to R on old Tstat

Hi Everyone.

I’m replacing an old White/Rodgers thermostat.

I have W C G Y cables. and R is jumpered to C. with the cabling landing on C initially.

according to the compatibility check on website and app I’m not compatible.

Can i get a second opinion?

Are you sure that is the C terminal and not RC it is common on thermostats to have an R and RC jumpered if there is not a second transformer in the condenser.

Your’s is compatible, the jumper is connecting Rh to Rc, see the image below.


hunted down the manual for my old tstat. and you are correct.
it’s RH jumpered to RC. I just didn’t see the R in both instances because it was hidden by the fat red jumper.
I guess it’ll mean using the C-Wire adapter. which means going up in the attic and wiring up both units. upstairs/downstairs.
good thing it’s not summer in texas.