New doorbell v2 & cam v3 not showing live in app

Hello all, I recently bought a new doorbell and a cam for a home . I did the normal set up and added it to my account. Works fine while I’m on site but when I pull up the app anywhere else it can’t connect to those 2 cameras. I bought 2 previously a few weeks ago and returned them because of the same issue. I’d love for these to work as I am a big Wyze fan, I have plugs, cameras, security all of which have never had a problem.
Currently I have them set up to a google nest wifi system that tests great and is less then 10 feet away from these devices. When I open the app, these 2 cameras are stuck on “loading live stream” , If I go to the settings in each camera I’m able to restart the camera and they will be able to be seen for like 30 min. The doorbell has a constant flashing orange.
I have tried setting them up to my modem, I reset my modem, I split the bands, I set up the google wifi, I have reconnected these cameras numerous times with the same results. The weirdest thing tho is I can go to the web wyze view and see both devices live everytime, no issues there and no issues with any of my other devices at different locations

@jessetcg - When you split the bands, was it 2.4 and 5ghz or 2.4/5ghz and 6ghz? Did you create separate ssid’s and passphrases or use the same on the split bands? Is your phone set to a 2.4ghz network when you are trying to access the cams? With the Google nest wifi, do you have a separate mobile carrier?

I won’t speculate on what the issue could be until I get more info from you.