New Alexa command needed

Please add a command to allow Alexa to turn the camera on/off. This would be very useful.


Think about what you are asking for, telling Alexa turn off your camera and now I can rob your house.

All of the door lock companies refuse to add any unlock commands to Alexa due to the security risk.

I know I would not want that feature.

A burglar would need to know the name I assigned to the Wyze cam in Alexa. Not likely they would guess what my camera is named. Only I would know that.

I’ve added your request to the feature request database.

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Just noticed you liked a post here on this very old thread. These topic have moved to our #wishlist category. This one is here:

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I added a smart plug to accomplish it, but would prefer if the feature were just built into the camera. I’d love to be able to turn off/on my cameras without having to go into the app or rely on third party smart plugs.


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