Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Drobo 5N


WD Mycloud. I use its FTP capability to store videos from some D-Link cameras and an IdeaNext outdoor camera. It would be fantastic if I could also do this with a Wyzecam.


Synology DS710
Synology DS916+

RTSP should work just fine.


Synology Surveillance Station on Synology NAS


Synology ds212j supports rtsp


Synology DS716+ … as @michael8 mentioned, RTSP is supported


WD My Cloud (WDBCTL0040HWT - 00)

Because these single drive My Cloud units do not support “third party” apps like the multi bay My Cloud units do, one would be limited to using FTP (or Samba) to save the video from the cam to the My Cloud. Or (I assume) it would require some sort of module to be installed via SSH into the My Cloud OS to allow for RSTP streams.

NAS storage should just mean the camera saving the video files to the NAS’ Samba shared folder.
RTSP should be a separate matter.

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Drobo 5N2
Rtsp would be great

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My guess is that most current WyzeCam customers are individuals using them at home. I installed one at work but as others have mentioned, I am concerned that in the event of a break-in we could lose the recordings except for any 12 second notification videos if so configured. In a business environment this is not a good option. Adding support for personal cloud and/or NAS storage could open up your sales to a huge market which is currently controlled by D-Link and others. I personally think your product is much better than the competition, but I have 20 D-Link cameras at our warehouse that transmit to a NAS located onsite inside a safe and cannot switch to Wyze unless such feature is available.


I use a Synology NAS.
It uses RTSP as well as offering lan access to storage.


I’d like to see Wyze develop their own NAS box that doesn’t require non-standard firmware on the cameras. Such a box would not have to include a hard drive but would provide for the ability for the user to attach whatever USB hard drive they prefer.


Not to get my bubble busting pin out, but wouldn’t NAS and RTSP go against Wyze’s plans on generating a revenue stream off of Cloud storage? They’ve already said “Shop” was placed front and center for that future purpose. Now, I know many WyzeCam owners would simply hit the easy button and go for purchasing Cloud storage, but I’ve yet to hear Wyze commit to NAS or RTSP.

  1. Synology
  2. RTSP works
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I would like to store to my western digital myCloud.

Currently using D-link.

Please allow to store on my 1TB HDD shared drive Built-in on Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router

The storage isn’t important if you enable RTSP. +1!

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I am sure you saw this but

That looks a lot like, what everyone has been asking for. Nah, can’t be.