Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Agreed… please release the ability to write to our own NAS.

From the discussion about releasing the NFS option when the NAS solution came out, it appeared that it may have already been something that was in the works.
I understand Wyze doesn’t want to cannibalize sales of a NAS solution, but people who currently want the ability to write to their own NAS probably aren’t going to buy this solution anyways.

Are you talking about the rtsp hack that was out before Wyze started working on their own firmware?

If not, where is the hack and have you tried it?

I haven’t tried it. I found it on Reddit last night, but they say it doesn’t survive updates or reboots, so I didn’t want to waste my time on it right now.

Also, it isn’t the RTSP hack, that’s different firmware. I wouldn’t call that a “soft hack”. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Neither that, nor the unofficial RTSP hacked firmware allows for NFS support.

5 of my 7 cams are using this firmware. NFS would just be a ton better.

I found what you are talking about.
It seems pretty interesting so I’ll probably give it a shot.

Why are you still looking for a MaxDrive alternative? While you could certainly sell an integrated product for those who want that, the ability to save to a network file share evidently already exists in the firmware running on the cams. Example: WyzeCam without SD card? | My Not-So-Boring Life

I strongly advocate that you unlock this ability and add the necessary options to activate it in the firmware and the app. Countless numbers of users are more than capable of setting up their own network storage locations and would utilize this feature to save video to a network share rather than a local card. This would also allow you to test the feature on a larger scale so that it’s ready for your branded NAS option.

If it’s a matter of monetizing this, then sell an in-app upgrade to activate it for personal NAS. Free upgrade for Wyze Branded NAS.


@WyzeGwendolyn @holocron
Now that this hack is out I can envision hundreds of us doing it. Unless of course Wyze does a mean spirited software change to block it, It seems Wyze could embrace this as they did RTSP and keep it within the fold.


Think positive.

Wyze will embrace this and incorporate it into their next firmware update.
Say it over and over and it will happen.
that’s how it works… right? :wink: . @WyzeGwendolyn


I do believe in the power of positive thinking! :slight_smile:


I found this a couple weeks ago and tried it on my test v2. It works, but it’s squarely in the “hack” category. More interesting to me was the way the hack was achieved, which opens up the firmware to additional tinkering :slight_smile:. I expect the loophole will be closed in a future firmware update, so trying to maintain a hacked old firmware version probably won’t be worth it.

I was and still am looking forward to having NAS support or a MaxDrive-type product whenever that materializes.

Are you still using this or did you simply try it and revert back to local storage?
If you’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks, how reliable has it been?

strongly advocate? Haha, I’m pretty sure Wyze is going allocate their resources on the features/software/hardware based on what they deem important, not a handful of people complaining.

I reverted the change last week because I didn’t have any way to know if I was missing videos or not. It doesn’t retry failed transfers so if something interrupts the copy operation the file just doesn’t exist any more. View Playback also seemed to take a lot longer or not work at all, which could have been due to other things, but overall I just decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.


I agree - its something I’d like to have - I have an old Buffalo NAS RAID I use as backup and personal cloud - I’d be happy with ability to save to any network drive or FTP - I don’t necessarily need RTSP, just being able to save event video to a location other than the limited SD card would certainly elevate this product.

can you step me through how to set it up in the Qnap Surveillance Station?

@holocron Well said. Sort like the old days when Microsoft chose the open model while Apple chose the closed model. The result is MS owns the PC laptop mkt worldwide since anyone can build a system and mix and match parts as they desire. Apple is limited to only Apple and they will never match the MS market so they try to position their products as high end to justify the high prices but ultimately Apple end users have far less options.

For my $0.02 worth I would love the cameras to support sftp to download the files. Simple solution and users can use the NAS solution of their choice to save the files to.

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Considering I can run Windows on my Mac along with pretty much any flavor of Linux, and actually run Windows apps from my Mac desktop I actually have more choices not fewer. :yum::yum::yum::yum:

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I’d say work arounds made necessary by the lack of native Mac software. Btw, I’ve run a number of Linux distros on my PCs however I’ve never found any need for any OS X app. In a past stint as an IT mgr, I converted an old NT server to run as our email, ftp and web server and then took a Dell and converted that to a Samba server. Very fond of Linux. But I come from an engineering background which generally never had any OS X supported software. PC was only option.

I too worked in IT as a Development mgr. My group used Macs extensively. Twice a zero day virus shut down a client and the only way we could get them back up was connecting to their compromised network with a Mac. As a web app development shop we wrote a lot of software on our Macs. Windows frankly sucked as a web development environment until fairly recently. Even still it’s just barely approaching parity. As for engineering apps I don’t honestly know. The guy that sits two doors down is an RPI grad in electrical engineering and he uses a Mac all day.

I find the platform is mostly a matter of choice. I have not ever been limited by my choices so far. And I have talked to folks who have used both platforms very happily and successfully so I figure if you like it and you can get your job done with whatever you chose then more power to you. :sunglasses: