Need Motion Capture to be at least every minute -- not every 5 minutes !

Motion clips ( of around 12 seconds) are uploaded to the cloud every 5 minutes. That is, motion capture is disabled for 5 minutes after each upload.

This, I’m afraid, is a major drawback - - I need this disabling to be no more than one minute – like the Samsung webcam.


NOTE that there can be only 2 minutes disabling ( maybe less) between a SOUND ALERT and a MOTION ALERT — or between a MOTION ALERT and a SOUND ALERT – so why not less than 5 minutes between a MOTION ALERT and a MOTION ALERT ?

I’m guessing you pay a fee for the Samsung cloud storage? Wyze has set this limit to be able to provide the cloud storage for free. Unless and until they decide to offer a paid cloud storage option, I’d suggest installing a microSD card in the camera to capture full time video.

Samsung “cloud” storage is free because they let you automatically upload motion clips ( about 30 seconds each) to Google Drive ( up to 15gb free) !

The nice feature here is that the first frame of the motion part of the video file makes the icon representing the video in Google Drive - -so you can see who is causing the motion alert and not even need to open the video file (unless you don’t recognise the person) . All of this you can access via a browser on your PC ( not limited to the small screen phone AP). But Samsung screwed up their webcam browser plugin – and they have no customer support or forum – else I wouldn’t be here.

Searching thru 24/7 video on the SD card is not an option.

How’d you download (“share”) a chunk of video out of the SD storage? ( I suppose I should buy an SD card to check it out )

Yes, it would be nice if Wyze develops the ability to upload to personal Amazon space, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

You can set the mSD card to record only on motion, in which case it keeps recording until motion stops.

You can take the card out of the camera to retrieve the videos. Or you can record them in the app to the phones camera roll.

RickO said:
> You can take the card out of the camera to retrieve the videos. Or you can record them in the app to the phones camera roll.

Bear in mind, I have not received my two cameras, so no personal experience here. I don’t remember reading any way to retrieve video from the SD card other than pulling out the card. Am I mistaken? In my initial test case, physically getting to the camera to pull the card will be a good hour process, so I would LOVE to be able to read the video off the SD card without physically touching it.

While playing back the video from the card in the app (tap the View Playback button), you tap the Record button. The video being played back will be saved to the phone’s camera roll in real time. The downside of this is that it’s a realtime process. There is no way to save the mSD card video to the phone any faster except to remove the card from the camera.

Thanks. That will likely make more sense once I get the cameras and can actually do something with the App. Cameras shipped last Friday and expected sometime between tomorrow and a week from tomorrow…

OR … If you purchase a second camera for “nearly” the same location with an motion detection zone that might trigger where the initial camera stops ??? Just a thought. At least until a better solution is worked. I know you wouldn’t want to have enough cameras to capture five minutes, but at least this could be a bit longer than the 12 seconds.



You are comparing a Samsung $150 + camera with a WYZECAM costing $19.99, my $149 Arlo camera gives me FREE 1 GIG free over 7 days of storage, by my calculations of minutes per day WYZECAM is giving me ½ a GIG over 14 days at a fraction of the cost $19.99 vs $149 but then again I wasn’t that good in math maybe someone else wants to do the calculation. Every 10 seconds of video is roughly 1 MEG

Okay, let’s see… if you use 1MB for each 10 seconds (I haven’t checked that), then 1.2MB for each 12 second video. There are 1440 minutes in a day. So you could potentially record up to 277 12 -second clips with 5 minutes between (1440 divided by 5.2). That’s 3,878 clips in 14 days, or 4,653.6MB (4.6GB). That, of course, assumes constant motion triggers on the camera. Not likely in real life.

But it might be better if Wyze capped storage for each camera, gave you warnings as you approached the limit, but let the user set the clip length and timeout interval so they could manage it themselves.

That’s about right, Arlo lets you blow the 1 GIG any way you want it while WYZECAM meters how much you can store at one time, with Arlo you have to wait the 7 days for your cloud capacity to be restored.

I agree with you I like capped storage better than metered storage.

In a real burglary cloud capacity is better for identifying the crook if the camera gets stolen.

If we are not allowed to change the time interval of video recording, if the burglar knows it’s Wyze cam, he will throw a random thing to trigger the camera. And Then enter the area after 15 secs and leave within 4 minutes, there’s no trace of who has entered into the proximity.
The real burglar comes prepared so Wyze needs to address this scenario.