Need a dictionary of often used terms and acronyms (support site)

strong textWyze forum acronym dictionary needed - #12 by kwie2011

This has been asked for before, but with the introduction of new product terminology has become extremely confusing, There was a recent thread where one user insisted his bulbs were “flashing”, when questioned about it it turns out they were slowly pulsing.
People write that the app crashed - did it just fail to work, did it go back to the camera, did it go to the home screen, or did it go all the way out and set the phone on fire?
I did not put support site in the title.

Remember that Google is your friend, at least in this regard.

I like the idea but I’m wondering @gemniii why are you not voting for your own idea ?

Got interrupted, didn’t get back to it :frowning:

Gotcha :+1:

If the Wyze web guys want to get a little smart with JavaScript, this could be done automatically with hover-able tooltips. (Or they can hire me to do it. Haha. It’s not very difficult.)

Obviously, the dictionary would have to be defined in order to do this, but that could be a continual work in progress, and would be easy to add to it later.

As an example, it could automatically search for any instance of “CMC” (or similar acronym) and add some minimal style to it. Maybe a pale dotted underline or something. When a user hovers over it, a small tooltip could appear above it that says “Complete Motion Capture,” along with (optionally) a link to a support page about it.

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Please note - I think WE the community can hack this together with minimal labor by Wyze employees, they just need to put the stamp of approval on it. But I don’t know enough how “Discourse” works to start a limited thread. And almost every thread on here gets inundated by off topic casual conversations.

We just need something approved by Wyze so when people start heated discussions we can point them to the dictionary. I would think it should live as a sticky in “Ask the Community”
/edit Maybe another job for Forum Mavens :slight_smile:

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We’d be happy to take a look through such a thread to confirm the definitions from our end! HD/SD was the first one I thought about for this one. It’s a good idea but I’m also going to send this to our app and web people because this is also a symptom of us needing to be better with education. :slight_smile:

Do you have a list of terms that come to mind for you immediately on this one?

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Ah yes, the great High Dakota/South Dakota thread!
Just wait until you go international!

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I’m from SD :slight_smile:

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I just saw a thread where someone mentioned a SW update. It finally dawned on me that it was “software update”. FW (firmware) update would’ve been clearer, that’s why I was confused.

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Some abbreviations may have two definitions in camera/Wyze world. SD is a good example. “Standard definition” is the most obvious. But in context, it may also refer to the MicroSD cards.

Even HD could potentially refer to “Home Depot” in some contexts here. :slight_smile: Haha

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