Wyze forum acronym dictionary needed

Seeing all sorts of acronyms of all sorts of internet/connectivity/protocol/operating parameters, etc on here. This is all new to me and I am trying to understand it. If there was a definition local to this group and precise enough to be appropriate for conversation here, that would help. Every discipline has it’s own language and my cameras work perfectly fine. Just trying to learn all I can from the contributing members here.


I made a suggestion in the past that the wyze team try to refrain from using acronyms .
Acronyms are causing A lot of miscommunication all over these days

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This could go beyond acronyms to include things like “Event”, “Push Notification”, etc.

I will make the suggestion that they add a definitions page to the support site.


Having something like that defined, might even help with some of the confusion with notification actions, where some are on the push end and others are on the receiving end. ‘Turn on all device notifications’ doesn’t actually go into each device and turn on the notification, it’s on the receiving end.

Hi guys! We have two places in the support site that have definitions - one is for new app terminology and one is for more technical terminology. We are working on consolidating. Please let me know what acronyms or terms that are confusing and we’ll work on adding.



These are good. The terminology section could be greatly expanded.

Also, neither of these come up if you search “definitions” or “acronyms”. It would be good if they showed up in regard to those search terms.

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Thanks @WyzeAmie. One thing I would like to see is a better description of what each Action does. As I mentioned above, ‘Turn on all device notifications’ in the app, doesn’t actually go into each device and turn on the notification, It just allows the account (or device, the distinction is not defined) to receive push notifications. Same with turning off all device notifications. This could be better labeled in the app. If this is the equivalent of turning the bell on and off, that would be good to know also.

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@OverWatch FYI… I submitted proposed Push Notifications support article and accompanying proposed app text changes. Waiting for replies.

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Thanks @Loki. What I was describing to @WyzeAmie is really in-app text and not support documentation, so I may have been misdirecting that request. Some support docs on that would be helpful.

I did make the request for in-app text changes as relates to push notifications. That’s separate from the request for more definitions on the support site.


Thanks and we still need docs in the support pages on Actions and what they do.

I also think this would be helpful.

Can you make certain terms automatically be clickable links or have definitions when you hover over or click on them?

For example, I thought IFTTT was some advanced internet protocol that would be over my head, so I didn’t look into it. Who would’ve guessed it’s just an app? (Still doesn’t work very well, but it’s at least something).

IFTTT = If This, Then That, a very simple downloadable app.


Updated, 2 days ago.


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Hi Amie, just a heads up, links need updating, currently go to an Oops page… :slight_smile:

For me, it auto-redirected to the following page.


Hi Dread, first link did redirect me as you say - I may have closed it out too quickly the first time. The second one gives me an Oops with no redirect.

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Nice manual blooming there! Didn’t see a link for Matthew on the staff page. Give them an attathey if you happen to bump into them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know! @WyzeMatt is updating the redirect to https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024560052-Explore-the-Wyze-App