National Bacon day tomorrow 30 Dec 2023

Since tomorrow is National Bacon Day it’s time for a PB&B (Peanut butter & Bacon) sandwich. :yum: :yum: Edit: No turkey bacon permitted. :laughing:


EXCUSE ME! It does not say “National Pig-only Bacon Day” Just “Bacon Day” and that means nobody is excluded from the festivities. We welcome all kinds of bacon, whether it comes from pigs, turkeys, ducks, or even plants. Yes, plants. Have you ever tried coconut bacon? It’s delicious and crunchy and vegan-friendly. Don’t knock it till you try it. So please, let’s celebrate bacon in all its forms and flavors, and not discriminate based on the source. Bacon is bacon, and bacon is love. :heart: :bacon:

OK, so I haven’t tried coconut bacon yet either, but the point still stands. :slight_smile:

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Bacon is :pig: :pig2: Pork rules :rofl: