Every summer we get little flying predators residing in our attic. Here are links (files are too large to upload directly) to short and long versions of the same subject matter.

Enjoy, and don’t get creeped out.


awesome video, thank you for sharing!

I’ve never understood people who find bats creepy or threatening. Pretty benign to humans, and unlike bugs, they really don’t just run into you accidentally.


Let me try this again after the forum decided that I wasn’t logged on (even though I was when started typing the post).
OK, I’ve got to tell my bat story. Many decades ago I did my first of four hikes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. At Phantom Ranch there is a payphone that lots of people use to call home from the bottom - largely because they can (this was LONG before cellphones). So during dusk I’m over at the phone waiting with a few other people for the phone to be available, and we’re all chatting. After a few minutes someone notices that there are no bugs flying around the light over the payphone - something we all through odd considering the time of day. A few minutes later someone points out one bug buzzing around the light. Within seconds, a streak flies through and no more bug. Yep, that streak was a bat. For those that don’t know, the Grand Canyon is home to tens of millions of bats. And like Carlos pointed out, they don’t bother humans, but do a great job of keeping the bug population down.

There’s a bridge in downtown Austin that is home to millions of bats during the day. There are bugs around…until dusk when the bats come out to eat…

And it’s a very cool thing to watch them all leave.