My Wyze Cam 3 stopped recording; showing pictures only

Thanks for all the assistant SlabSlayer.

I got the new memory cards just to be sure, and did some troubleshooting today and think I’ve sorted things out.
it’s a combination of user error/unfamiliarity, with perhaps Wyze making changing things up making things confusing.
plus I’ve discovered that all my cards (three) were jacked up, with all three failing to reformat properly when I try to reformat , even on my computer using SD card Formatter.

But here’s what I think happened.
I bought my Pan Cam in 2019,. and then my v3 Cam’s a year later.
around that time Wyze evolving and then offering Cam Plus stuff, but I never opted for it, as I was happy recording to my SD cards (or so I thought i was!). turns out all that time I was actualy viewing the 12 sec cloud clips of Cam Plus Lite.
I had never mucked around with the View Playback feature, because it basically was kludgy on my iPhone 14 pro (and that’s another gripe, as even with reading glasses I can barely make out the type!@#).

after watching a few youtube videos I think I’ve sorted it out tho - at some point my V3 camera’s had Cam Plus Lite turned off I think, and that would explain why only my Pan Cam was showing clips (and only Person Detection it seemed)

Going into Account → Services → Cam Plus Lite and hitting Add Camera’s allowed me to then add my V3 cam’s and all is good (I think).

I had never even delved into those settings before, so unsure why things had switched, (or perhaps there was a triel period that elapsed)
but thanks for the help troubleshooting!

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