My experience with IFTTT Pro & Wyze Contact sensor

After reading the “multi-step applet!!!” marketing emails from IFTTT, I decided to go in on the IFTTT Pro subscription with the hope of using Google Assistant, Wyze contact sensor, and a shelly 1 smart relay (via webhooks) to smartly operate my garage door.

My desired action is:

  1. IF I say “open the door” AND
  2. IF Wyze contact sensor is closed
  3. THEN send a request to the shelly 1 to open the door

(If I say open the door and wyze contact sensor is open, then I would like nothing to happen)

Unfortunately, the new IFTTT “multi-step” options aren’t set up that way. You can do the initial “IF” with Google Assistant and then the next step is “add a query” with Wyze, but Wyze offers up list data including history of contact sensor opens/closes, and other lists for other products. It does NOT offer a state of the sensor that is usually available if you do a simple 1-service IFTTT query (e.g. IF Wyze sensor opens, THEN turn on my smart light).

I thought that I might be able to use the list of data and filter to the effect of “if the last sensor closed time was after the last sensor opened time (meaning the door is closed), then go ahead and open the door”, but the queried data does not update immediately and I don’t think it solves what I’m trying to do.

So, I’m not thrilled about this. I think I could solve it by adding Apilio, but I wish Wyze and IFTTT would simplify that multi-step applet creation for people like me who are (evidently) not home automation geniuses. Has anyone else tried something similar? Am I going about this wrong?

Screenshots below for reference.

Using Google assistant for “IF”, selecting “Wyze” for “Add Query”:

Subset options under Wyze

Then you must add your then, and then go BACK to add a filter

filter code section.

Sounds like a lot of effort, expense, baling wire, and hope. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to go native?

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Lol fair point but this is just one of the needs I have that involve wyze sensors throughout the house.

Example: If I’m away and door is open, call me.

But, it doesn’t look like I can do that either.

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The ‘native’ option is straightforward obviously, but (assuming you already have a garage door opener) you can add the wi-fi smarts for $10 (ebay, ewelink and others). I first did this with IFTTT, apilio, SmartThings (virtual switch/sensor), and Alexa (could also use Google home in place of Alexa). That was pretty complicated.
The basic setup was IFTTT to monitor Wyze contact sensor on garage door and Sunrise/Sunset (via Weather Underground). These two statuses would then be transferred to Apilio (as two “Conditions” that Apilio can monitor). Then IFTTT would periodically (using the Date/Time trigger) trigger Apilio to check the “LogicBlock” (basically evaluate the two conditions: Is it after sunset? Has the garage door open for at least 15min? [Apilio can handle delays]). If true then contact IFTTT in 5 minutes [again, Apilio can handle multiple delays].
If IFTTT receives the LogicBlock update from Apilio, then trigger (e.g. turn off) SmartThings virtual switch/sensor.

[QUICK interruption about finances: this was all setup before IFTTT started charging for pro… as you may be able to infer, it requires about 10 applets – depending on how often you want to evaluate the Apilio LogicBlock). Once they publicized the Pro subscription I signed up for $1.99/mo. Around the same time, eWeLink announced that they were going to start charging for integration because of IFTTT fees [a which makes me a little worried about Wyze needing to charge in the future, but anyways…) I then switched to handing off to from IFTTT to SmartThings then Alexa or Google to avoid the subscription eWeLink wants to charge for IFTTT integration. SmartThings is integrated with Alexa and Google and both are integrated (for free, for now), so…
Back to the logic]

When SmartThings virtual switch/sensor turns off/closes, then trigger the Alexa routine which triggers the garage door switch (note that, just like the button in your garage, this ‘inching’ switch is agnostic about whether your door is actually open or closed).

I was (am) able to do all of the above with:

  • the IFTTT pro account ($3.99/mo. now I think (down from the crazy $9.99/mo price they tried to start with–not sure if that’s a limited offer, but it seems to be the current permanent price),
  • the free version of Apilio (allows one LogicBlock evaluation, and has to be renewed manually by logging in every 2 months),
  • SmarthThings (also free, but have to create the virtual switches/sensors ( How To Make Any Alexa Enabled Device Work With SmartThings (, and
  • Alexa

I have recently figured out how to do all of the above with IFTTT (Wyze, Weather Underground, SmartThings), SmartThings, and Alexa (or Google Home)), so I don’t have to keep renewing the Apilio account.

In this more recent setup, IFTTT uses the date/time trigger to check (via queries and filters) every 15min IF current time is after sunrise/sunset (via Weather Underground) AND whether the garage door has been open at least 15 min – THEN triggers a SmartThings switch (called “Garage Trigger”)
IFTTT also updates a second SmartThings switch (“Garage Sensor” on or off) depending on the status of the Wyze garage door sensor.
SmartThings ‘automations’ then trigger a third virtual switch IF “Garage Sensor” open AND “Garage Trigger” on, THEN trigger a third virtual switch called “Garage Door”.
WHEN Alexa (or Google) see the “Garage Door” switch triggered, THEN trigger the eWeLink garage door switch.

Still seems pretty complicated to me :slight_smile:

But hope this helps!

Though, again, the $200 Aladin genie option may look pretty enticing and now having a better idea what is getting provided for that extra $190 (if you own a garage door opener already – wifi smarts seem to add about a $35-$50 premium compared to ‘dumb’ openers).