My camera was hacked even with 2 face Authenticator on

So my son came to me to let me know that people were whispering through the camera. When I went up to the camera, I asked if you can hear replied back with a whisper and laughed.I quickly disconnected the camera. And then they took control of my pan camera by moving it before I unplugged the internet.Took down my online service. This is not cool. Not sure what more to do then to take down the cameras. I reset password but not sure if that is going to work as it seems they onow what is the second I change it. So much for security.

There is a lot here… what does “I heard up and disconnected the camera” mean? If you disconnected the camera, how then did they take control of the camera and move it? Maybe a 2nd camera?

Then I think you are saying You or Them, can’t tell which, “took down my online service”. If it was Them, I don’t know what that means as no one can take down your online service. If it was you, what does that mean?

The incorrect words and grammar (with spelling) makes me think this is fake. This is what they warn you about in scam/phishing emails. Bad grammar and spelling.

P.S. To be fair, I went to public school so I’m no Grammar Rodeo champion myself… but still, this assaults my brain to even read it.


Sorry been up since yesterday. I was saying I hurried up and unplugged my internet so no one had access to my cameras.

As is being discussed in another thread… if you have a unique password for this account that you aren’t using on other accounts, it’s complex (letters, numbers, upper/lower case, symbols, 16 char) and you have 2FA on… you are 99.9% bullet-proof.

I would do a security audit of your account to ensure everything is turned on and you use a unique password. I personally connect using Google (Which means I don’t have a Wyze password). And with 2FA on my Google Account, I’m good.

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I have a password thats not even a word. I have the 2 factor authentication on, And still got into my acct. Before unplugging internet they were able to turn my pan cam.

This is very tough to know what happened. A tech person would have to take a forensic look at your house. Who knows, maybe your router isn’t secure or is compromised or there is a hole in your firewall… or about 15,000 other reasons. But, I can say that if normal security protocols are covered, this is basically impossible.

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The firewall is up etc. Who knows how they did it or how they got to the point that the 2-face Authenticator should have sent me a notification that someone logged on. It never did. That’s the crazy part of me. If I log in I get an alert but they got in without it doing that.

Just found out it was all a joke from my wife. Told her to never do that again. Disregard


Well…uh…welcome to the Forum, and thanks for sharing! :grin:

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Oh no, the game is afoot. You need to connect the brake lights on her car to the horn.

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Get a new wife :grin:

Does Wyze make one of those? Is it on the product roadmap somewhere? :thinking:

Danger, Danger :astonished: No new firmware for a wife. :rofl:

It’s either that or they bork another production firmware for the Wyfe. I really wouldn’t want to be a beta tester for that, and don’t even come at me with any hotfixes! :scream:

Also, I see what you did there…. :smirk: