Multiple vacuums - ask Alexa to start specific device?

I have tried many ways to ask Alexa to start a specific vacuum device without receiving the “Which vacuum do you mean?” prompt. I know I can pause, stop, charge a specific device, but… no way to START one?
Has anyone figured this out?

I would like to automate cleaning through Home Assistant, which I can link to Alexa and issue commands to devices that have no direct integrations. However, that link won’t allow two-way conversations with Alexa :frowning:
Rube Goldberg solution: Tell the Google Hub to say “Alexa, tell Wyze Vacuum to clean the den” {wait a tick} tell the hub to say the device name. Cute, but not ideal :slight_smile:

OK, so I finally found an integration for Home Assistant :blush: But I still would love to know how to start a specific vacuum with one Alexa request!!! I am growing more fond of having Google talk to Alexa.

You have to say the name of the device how it’s named in your wyze app

For example I have two RV’s , ones named Attic vacuum and first floor vacuum. (I know they’re bad names but I haven’t thought of anything better ATM)

So when I use Alexa to turn on/off a RV, I say “Alexa turn on attic vacuum”

Thank you! That actually works, most of the time, but I very rarely want the vacuum to clean every room. I was hoping to specify the device and the room in one statement. If I ask Alexa to ask Wyze Vacuum to clean the Den, it will ask which vacuum I want and give me a list. Then it does what I asked and just cleans the specific area. If I ask “Alexa ask Turtle to clean the Dining Room” it has no idea what I’m talking about and says “I don’t know that one” or tries to tell me all about turtles. My other vac is just called Home Vacuum, and the response for that request is “I don’t know how to set Home Vacuum to that setting”
Obviously Alexa doesn’t like the Turtle designation as a device name. But even so, it doesn’t work even when it understands that I’m referring to a device.