Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Well I would be OK with that as long as I could control what notifications my wife gets because she doesn’t want to get all the notifications that I get so I like your idea if the admin could control the people that they share with what notifications they get and don’t get I think that’s actually a great idea so I would trade my idea for your very good point. But I think each individual should be able to get the notifications that they want or the admin want them to get instead of just general notifications for everybody

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Can we please have the ability to toggle the ability to veiw playback for shared users. Most of the shared users are probably the spouse/significant other of the owner. Which is something that is needed for the other half. Unless someone can tell me how this is already possible. Thank you for letting me voice my feedback.


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I would love to have the option to limit the amount of control a shared user has. I want to share my camera without having shared users having the ability to turn on/off camera, record, turn sound on etc. This shouldn’t be hard to implement and would make myself and a lot of other Wyze users happy. Thank you!

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I have two Wyze cameras, which I have shared with my wife so we can both access them. However she doesn’t want motion alert notifications and I do. She disabled the motion alerts on her phone, and that disabled them for myself as well. I turned them back on, and now she gets them as well.

I’ve worked around this by simply disabling notifications from the app altogether in her iPhone’s main notification settings, but shouldn’t a separate user with access to a shared device be able to set their own desired preferences without overriding the owner’s? Or am I going about sharing the camera the wrong way?

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I got 2 cams shared with my wife via the app invite so she setup her own login. She simply turned off notifications in the app toggling the little “bell”icon at the top right of the home screen next to the 3 dots. I believe this basically acts the same as turning off the app notifications in the phone settings. Although that option allows leaving certain notifications but turning off sound or where and how they appear. Ideally there should be a way to customize “sub” users notifications by individual device, hence the wish list.

This would be VERY helpful. My boyfriend and I use our Pan Cam to watch our dogs while we’re at work, & it would be very nice if we could both access the footage/settings.

you could, you just have to use the same login credentials

hello did you get an answer or how to do this?

I have invited my family to watch the babies room where we have the Wyze camera however don’t want them listening in on our private conversations. Can Wyze PLEASE give the owner the ability to turn off the sound to invited guests?

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This would be useful as I have a different property that I wish to make the playback footage fully accessible , but have my home cameras still remain private. For that reason, a shared account would not work. Additionally, as only one account can be accessed at a time, I would only be able to get notifications from either my home cameras, or the other property. I could carry two devices with me, but that can also be impractical.

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I recently purchased a “Wyze cam pan” & a “Wyze cam indoor” . Set up went great! I have a question about sharing. I have shared the camera with family but I don’t see any share settings. I don’t want shared users to be able to toggle the cameras on & off. Is there a setting for this? I set a schedule when the cameras turn on & off. Can this be overridden by shared users turning the cameras on & off as they please?

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I’m not sure if this has been brought up or if I’m not doing something right. However I’ve shared some cameras with my brother. He was tired of the notifications so he went and turned them off. He thought he was doing it for himself, but he turned it off for the camera. This in turn, turned off notifications for me as well.

What I’d like to see is the ability to share a camera, but that person should have the option of getting alerts or not without changing it for the master account.

have him simply turn off the wyze app notifications in the phone settings - not in the app. This is what my wife does since she doesn’t need to get them while she’s at work - I’m usually around so I get all the notifications. It’s probably been mentioned but not easy searching through hundreds of posts.


I would like to see a additional permission granted choice to let a shared user control the pan and tilt on the camera I let them view

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Where’s the option to vote for “I want to share some features and NO settings?”

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@JeffS Did you vote at the top of the page? The overall topic is here is providing more granular control over shared features. The details of how that will take shape will be partially determined by the developers reviewing the comments here in this thread. So please describe specifically how you envision it should work.

Note that this subject is currently in the “researching” phase. That means the developers are actively looking into it. This makes it a great time to provide your thoughts.


The problem with that method is that he won’t get his own Wyze camera, door break alerts for his house.