Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Wyze. Please give us levels of trust with sharing. Some of us want people to be able to use playback and others to just watch the cameras. Maybe we only want people to get notifications. Please add this much needed feature.


Again, this is a must for those in the business/church sector who have multiple cams in multiple locations. I hate always having to be the go to person when footage is needed. It would be nice for others who I have shared the cam with to have sd card ability.

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+1 for me too, for the same reasons mentioned.

Perhaps make the sharing controllable through IFTTT so cameras could be shared based on other smart home conditions.

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In a similar vein, we need to be able to allow shared users to view Playback . Right now when we sharing , the account we share with can only view the live stream, and cannot view playback.

Our situation is that we share a lakehouse . so I have cams at my house and I have set up the lakehouse cams under my account. however I need to provide access to my relatives. I should be able to allow them to at the very least view the playback.

Perhaps 4 levels of permission?
View Only → View Stream Only
Complete View -View Stream and Playback
Admin (View Stream and Playback, change setups)
Owner —the person who initially setup the cam.

Not sure this this the right place for this.

We need the ability to SHARE our SCENES and SHORTCUTS with the people we share our devices with. We share the home so I do not want to have to set all this up on every single family members phone.

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If you don’t mind the family members having full access, one solution is to just have everybody log into the primary Wyze account. There is nothing that prevents multiples devices from being logged into the Wyze account at the same time.


Sorry if this has been covered already. My wife and I have separate Wyze accounts, and I’ve shared the devices with her account. My thought was that by having separate accounts that the notifications settings could be unique for each user. This doesn’t seem to be the case, as all the notification settings carried over to her account and when she changes them, it changes it for me as well. I know there is a way on Android to just ‘silence’ the Wyze notifications for her, but was hoping that there would be some in-app functionality where two users could have different notification settings for the same device.

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Want to share my cameras but don’t want shared accounts to be able to power cameras on and off, set rules, pan scan, motion features, sharing, etc. How about a view only share - no permissions other than viewing.

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I have shared my cameras with my father and it seems that he is getting notifications on events. When he logs in and turns them off they turn off for both of us. Then when I turn them on, they turn on for both of us. I am the 'owner" and he is just a shared user. Is there a way to have me get notifications and not him (or visa-versa) I would of thought the settings would be “user” specific but it seems they are simply ON or OFF…Thank you.

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I like the set-up but would like the ability to select which controls I give to users.

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We use this as baby cam. We share this with grandparents so that they can see baby . But we don’t always want them to have this access ( crib is in our bedroom ) so when we don’t want them to see or listen , we just pull the plug ( not very convenient)

I wish in share permissions I could just disable their access or enable it based on some schedule instead of taking it offline even for us .

Yes, yes, yes!

Automatic scheduling and granular feature sharing would be nice, but just very simple and safe “view-only” share that the owner can manually turn on/off would be sooo incredibly useful! :grinning::grinning:

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When sharing, the person I shared with is able to turn on and off the audio. It would be great if we were able to just share the video and not audio. Make the audio an optional to share with others.

These cameras are great except one major flaw. There is no way to disable the livestream audio . If a second user is watching, they can hear any private conversations going on. Primary user should be able to disable livestream audio from other users. It’s a huge privacy issue.


You could plug it into a Wyze Plug and put the plug on a schedule. Just don’t share the Wyze Plug permissions with the grandparents, so that they can’t turn it on through the app. If you use Alexa or Google Home, that would also allow you to turn the camera completely on/off with your voice, for example.

Guess overall sharing could be improved - just got 2 plugs setup, shared with wife and she got the plugs now but none of the schedules I setup for them nor the shortcuts. Seems counter intuitive that she could create her own schedule for a shared device. I guess shortcuts could be individual since she might want to trigger a lamp differently than me, but a schedule should at least show up on her app too. Or am I missing something?

In the event that one person in the household wants notifications and another only wants to monitor when they choose (no notifications), is there a way to set defaults like or silent/mute differently when having more than one device with the Wyze app installed? I noticed that when I change an app setting on one device, it updates/translates to the other on iphone-ipad. I have not yet tried on android.

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