Multiple-floors (1st, 2nd, etc)

Is anyone using two robots for two floors (1st & 2nd)? or one?
I have a bigger house with 4410 sqft and with the first floor and second floor

Trying to understand how others are doing? with one and wait for the upgrade to the app to support two floors
With the given performance on the vacuum cleaner, I feel it would be hectic to handle with the system performance.

Would like to hear from others how you are managing or plans?


We have a 2 story home and 1 vacuum. It gets carried upstairs and then carried back down when done. I can’t really justify a 2nd vacuum at this time. Firmware/software to handle this situation would be extremely helpful
Thanks… Tom.

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I have a two story home as well. I’m just using it on the first story at this point because I don’t want to mess with having to create new maps and add virtual walls every time I change floors. Hopefully they roll something out soon to allow multiple saved maps!

Wyze might release a drone with spotlight that can be attached to the vacuum. They’ll have docking/charging station for every floor. It can be fully automated to vacuum the floor and recharge and move to different floor. The release date might be tomorrow for early access folks.

April fools joke, eh???

nope. just a wish list / feature request

Well, I’m on board with that, :slight_smile: