Multiple e-mails wth WYZE as the topic

This morning I got 20 E-mails in Chinese directing me to the WYZE forum. In the past I’ve received Russian looking E-mails to WYZE. Anyone else? What to do about it other than unsubscribe?


i could be a smart robot.

The forum gurus are working on controlling this foreign language spam. Not sure how it’s getting through the Captcha and spam filters. Hopefully progress soon.

One thing I do is have a server-side mail rule that routes all my Wyze forum emails into their own folder. At least this way, the spams don’t clog up my regular inbox before I delete them.

I have been receiving the Russian looking emails. Today I received the Chinese emails. I know that this has been going on for quite some time now. Hopefully WyzeCam will be able to solve this soon. I also have my WyzeCam mail going to a special folder on my email program. Just letting you know, Julianstan, that you are not alone in this.

Oddly enough, about 2 weeks ago I stopped receiving ANY email notifications from Wyze that I used to get when the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” checkbox below is enabled. What happened? p.s. just checked on my email server and they’re not being flagged as Spam, so I don’t know why I’m no longer receiving them

Did you check your spam mailbox?

Yeah, they’re not being redirected to Spam (ref. my p.s. above). Very peculiar. I used to get so many of these emails it became almost annoying, now I get none! Anyway, hoping someone from the Wyze team reads this.

Try clicking My Profile at the top of this page, then click Edit and make sure your email address is correct. (It is possible for it to be set differently than your username.)

Also, click Subscriptions on that page and make sure you’re subscribed to the forums that you want to be.

Email is Ok. I’m subscribed to dozens of Topics (61), including this one, yet no email when you posted the above reply. The only Forum I’m subscribed to is the Wyze News forum.

My ISP is indeed Comcast … unfamiliar with SPF, DKIM, etc., but know for sure the emails that I used to get aren’t appearing in any inbox on the email server, Spam or otherwise. My only conclusion at this point is that they’re simply not being sent to me from the forums here any longer. Comment from someone at Wyze? p.s. of course, no email notification that you’d just replied