Multiple concurrent views (live stream) of single camera

Hi, I’d like to give 10-15 people the ability to watch live streaming of a single camera concurrently without an NVR.
Got some real latency starting @ 3 people / devices.
BTW Attempted with good WIFI connection.
Couldn’t find any other topic about this issue.

I know I’ve seen this brought up before but doing the search I couldn’t find it either. But I think a lot of it matters on your Wi-Fi speeds whether you’re viewing in HD or in the weakest video which is 360P. Also whether everyone is on the Wi-Fi or are some of them in remote locations signing in to view the camera. I think it’s best to bring in the mavens and they can give you better help with this than I can. Sorry I can’t be of more help but the mavens will definitely be able to give you some advice and maybe even give you the exact number if there is one of how many people can concurrently view a camera. Good luck


Some clarifications

Existing topics deal with single viewer/device – multiple* cams.
I’m interested in multiple viewers/devices – single camera
Basically what I ask is:

  • Does the cam stream directly to the viewer/device
  • Does the camera stream to the web storage and it (web storage) stream to the viewer/device

…and what is the limit of the current WYZE architecture listed above

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Ya I understand what you are asking. And it has been brought up before. But I can’t find the specific thread that it was discussed. Many people use the cams as baby monitors and I believe that is where I remember them discussing how many people could view the same cam. The mavens will pop in sometime in the morning and help you much better than I am with this issue. I wish I had your answers but unfortunately I don’t. I apologize but I just couldn’t find it. Good luck my friend.

In theory, the stream should route directly from camera-to-device within the same network. If there are viewers outside your network, then there will also be a single stream sent to the Wyze servers, where multiple users can connect to receive that stream. So if you have good power in your devices and network connections, I would normally expect little trouble.

I did a very quick-and-dirty test (dirty because I am still on the previous firmware to preserve person detection), using 3 devices – 2 inside the same network (my 2 iPads), and one outside my network (my iPhone on cellular data). I saw minimal video lag on the devices, all devices were all in sync, and I was even in group mode in the Wyze app on each device. Keep in mind there will be a second or two lag while the stream is compressed by the camera, sent to you via whatever route, and uncompressed by your device. But all 3 devices tracked my arm movement within a second.

I only had the 3 devices at my disposal, and there are so many things that can theoretically affect this (including bugs and design issues at Wyze, which you may be uncovering). Can you answer the following questions so we can better understand your circumstance?

  1. V2 cameras?
  2. Are you talking video lag?
  3. What is the lag you are experiencing? Is it the same on all devices?
  4. How powerful are the devices you are using? No Android 5 models, for instance?
  5. Do any of the external units have cellular data connections? If so, do you have good signal strength and likely data rates?
  6. Have an 802n or above router?
  7. Approximate UPLOAD speed to Internet? (
    (You should only need 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD for each cam viewed outside your home network)
  8. No other busy network activity monopolizing the network? (Corporate networks are their own can of worms)
  9. Latest firmware? ( (January 27th, 2020) for V2)
  10. Latest app? (V2.8.24 (January 27th, 2020) for Android)
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From what I’ve seen with a dd-wrt router (has lots of live graphs and signal levels), each device viewing a single cam adds roughly ~600 kbs to it’s data upload/output (spiking between 400k and 1.1meg). I think I’ve had as many as 4 feeds going from a single cam, and the load is cumulative, meaning more devices equals more load on a cam.

sorry for not mentioning it earlier :frowning:
a) Pan
b) V2
All viewer devices are outside my network (usually 4G mobile users with good reception)
I have a 100MB cable ( ~65-70MB upload)