Multiple cell phones with wyze apps

can you designate one phone to be the master so you can control the settings.?

Nope. If you have more than one phone using the same login or devices shared to multiple users they all have access to the majority of the product settings. There is a wish list item for shared user permissions that would restrict or modify what a shared user is allowed to do with an product, and it’s listed as “researching”.

I hope this gets fixed. My battery runs low because I cannot control the settings

Huh? What battery? If you mean your phone, neither the camera nor app settings in the app should affect your phone’s battery life?

Also, you could create multiple accounts and share the cameras that way, so as to grant fewer permissions to the secondary user.

Also, to be clear, you can certainly have more than one phone logged in to the same account and seeing and controlling the same cameras…

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Can you elaborate on this more? What is happening? Maybe settings permissions isnt the most important thing going on here.