Multiple apps on one device

Can the Wyze app be installed more than once on a single IPhone or IPad. I have several camera on my Wyze app for my condo unit. The HOA would like to have additional cameras. I would control the additional camera, with my IPhone. Do I set up a new account for the HOA, with their email? I then could share the HOA cameras for viewing to other units by sharing on the HOA app. Is there a limit to the number of people you can share with?

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I would say that would be the best way to do it .
As long as you have the email and password for that account you can control those cameras as well as anyone else with the email and password.
I am not aware of any limit to the number of people you can share with

You can’t install the app multiple times on one device.
You can sign in/out of multiple accounts.
It may be a good idea to get an old phone or buy a cheap Android tablet just for the HOA account. That way you could control it separately. You could add yourself as a shared user to view the cameras on your own phone.