Motion Tagging not working

For some reason Motion Tagging is not working. I have several Wyze cams including V2, V3, and Pan. The only one it works on is the V3 cam.

On all the other ones I can’t turn it on. When I have the camera on and am viewing it, I go to the More menu and I see the Motion Tagging button but when I press it, it just closes the More menu and doesn’t do anything.

With the V3 cam I press Motion Tagging and the More menu stays open and I see the tagging turn on or off. Why doesn’t it work on all my other cameras?

Maybe something a little weird going on?

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Well, it’s definitely weird. It works fine on the new V3 I just installed but I can’t enable or disable it on any of my other cameras. All it does when I press Motion Tagging from the “More” menu is close the menu.

A poster in that thread downgraded firmware and got the functions back… This may be a bug in the latest firmware.

I have the same experience with the menu closing but when I reopen it, the motion tagging box is checked and working. Only other menu option that doesn’t actively jump elsewhere is Turn Off Cam and when I use that it also closes the menu.

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On mine I can’t tell if the motion tagging box is checked or not. On my V3 I can tell because the square gets bigger or smaller depending on if MT is on or off but on all my other cams the square stays the same size and there’s no other indicator of whether MT is on or off.

On my V2’s the square will change to green. The strange thing is when I first open the camera nothing will happen when I tap the motion tagging box. If I close and re-open the menu the square is green and it works normally after that. It seems to be just the first entry and after opening the camera for the first time after loading the app.

Interesting. I’ll have to ask someone to look at my screen. I’m red/green colorblind and am not seeing a change in color. It could be changing but to me it looks the same color.

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So it looks like the problem isn’t a defective group of cameras but a defective user who is half blind. Turns out that on V2 and Cam Pan when you turn on and off Motion Tagging the icon turns from gray to green. Well, I’m colorblind and don’t see a d@mn bit of difference between those colors in the app so I have no way of knowing if MT is on or off.

The V3’s MT icon gets larger or smaller depending on if it’s on or off so I can tell with that cam.

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Glad to know at least there is a resolution here! I also learned something. The V3 does change color to green but also changes size , which I had never noticed.

Yeah, the icon changing size with V3 is the only way I can tell whether MT is on or off. I wish they would take colorblind people into account when making these apps. To me there is literally no visible difference between the shades of green and gray they use on that icon.

That is a very good point. It has been put forth as a request on #Wishlist Here. I would suggest you go over there and Vote (at the top of category) for it!