Motion sensor false alarm

Well, that’s not encouraging news. I have not found the motion sensor v2 to give false signal when I am home by looking at the logs. I will wait and see what happen going forward. I have to use motion sensor because I have so many widows that it does not make sense to put entry sensor on all of them. I was asking the county constable who came to the house about the frequency of false alarms in general that they respond to and he said 99.99% of the time it is false alarm :slight_smile:
Thanks for the information.

Check that… I just went through the logs again and evidently there is A LOT of false motion detected at night when we are sleeping. Is Wyze doing something about it? Are they even aware of the problem>?

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No idea if Wyze is doing anything with this. Too busy introducing new products. There have been multiple issues with HMS for months that are unresolved. I had too many issues to actually use it live.

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I’ve had similar experience with the Motion sensor-V2. I have been through two units since being an early adopter of HMS. I was getting multiple false alarms < 1 minute. Wyze replaced my original sensor and the second sensor appears to be ok for now. Although today I received a motion alarm call from Noonlight and didn’t see anything on the camera in the same room. The alert was again <1 minute and it did not cause the camera to record anything. (settings/sensor videos). Also the three sensitivity levels don’t appear to make any difference.
After reading the other entries, I am concerned that these motion sensors are not fit for purpose and will cause multiple calls from Noonlight and/or police responses. Personally, I would be open to spending a little more for a better quality sensor if this is to be a reliable HMS offering.

I have two Motion Sensor V2 sensors and they are practically useless because of false triggers even on low sensitivity. I’ve tried putting one in a closed cabinet, and it still randomly triggers, just less.

Had a different (cheap) brand in the past and no issues, so I can’t imagine why Wyze is so bad.

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I have 10 motion sensors. All current V2. After first install with HMS, no problems. No false alarms (all on in away mode, 1 on in home mode). Then, the adhesive started to give way one by one. After the first two hit the floor, one while I was home, the second when I was away triggering an alarm, I reinstalled all of them with double sided 3M adhesive and they all stay now. BUT… The two that hit the floor would NOT work. False alarms in test mode instantly and constantly. Couldn’t get them to work. What I did was do a hard reset by pressing the button for like 5 seconds, pulling the batteries, deleting the sensor from the app, replacing the batteries with brand new platinum batteries (cost more than the flipping sensor), doing another hard reset, and then introducing the sensor as though it were a brand new install. Both sensors got the hint I wasn’t happy and straightened their act up. Both behave like model sensors now.

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I’m not sure if I feel better that I’ve found this thread and am not alone in my frustration or worse because there’s no hope…

My 8 year old Frontpoint system needed a new hub because of the phasing out of 3G and since I’ve been unhappy about the $45+ monthly fee for a while, and had good experience with other Wyze devices I dumped a little over $300 on a Wyze system.

The very first night, the “stairs” motion sensor triggered at just before 2am, and a call from the monitoring service came.

A quick check around the house showed that all was well so I set all the motion sensors to “low” sensitivity in case it was detecting the heat rising from downstairs on a chilly Chicago night.

Less than an hour later, another call came in for the same sensor.

I removed it from the list of sensors to be monitored and went back to sleep. Again.

Two days later, not having done anything about the stairs motion sensor yet, another call in the middle of the night. This time for my living room. A quick check and all seemed well. Reset the alarm, and AGAIN another call within the hour for the same sensor!

Today I changed the batteries in all the sensors even though they show as “Normal” because I found that as a suggestion somewhere.

As I write this, all of my motion sensors are sitting in the basement, staring at empty space, and I see events being triggered periodically by two of them even though the whole family - including our tiny dog - are all in the family room.

All of the events last for less than one minute and there’s no obvious pattern.

A support ticket resulted in somebody “helpfully” pasting the text from their knowledge base (mount it properly, teach people how to act(!), blah blah). I’ve replied asking if there’s a firmware update planned or something, so let’s see how this ends.



I have had this on a couple of V2 motion sensors, OR I have they don’t detect motion and/or rarely detect motion.

To temporarily solve the former, you are suppose to delete and readd the sensor into your system. However in my experience I had the issue come back on the same sensor a month or so later.

I’ve had the HMS since Nov of last year with now 4 faulty motion sensor alerts with Noonlight calling me. I’ve just removed that sensor completely from the alarm system and only use it for Rules now.

I’m not pleased with the system but I’m stuck for the time being with it until I find something that not only does security but also smart home rules/integrations with Google home.

Hope this helps or gives you some ideas. Best of luck my friend.

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I just installed my HMS 2 days ago and purposely have it in test mode. The first night was quiet but last night one motion-sensor-v2 started alarming about every hour or two. I had set all sensors on High sensitivity because they were not being triggered when walking by them. I even had one in the garage that would not detect my vehicle coming and going. I have changed the one that was alarming back to Mid sensitivity and will continue to monitor. I’m curious if it make sense to only alert the monitoring service based on a Rule such as multiple sensors being tripped or prolonged motion that is greater than a few seconds. That said, Rules would need to be upgraded to allow more than one Device Trigger as well as adding an additional Action for alerting to the monitoring company.


I recently purchased two additional V2 motion sensors. I activated one to be sure it would connect to the hub, which it did. I have it in the original box on a shelf and it repeatedly detects motion throughout the day. Going to pull the batteries and try a new set to see if that fixes the problem. I have my doubts.


Thought I’d give support a chance, what a mistake. First, the chat session broke. I wasn’t able to respond other than by sending screenshots. I told the support agent that the motion sensor was in a box with no exposure to motion in anyway and that it was brand new. The agent responded with these two valuable suggestions even though I explained they were only for automation:

Installing the motion sensor using the instruction from the manual. Especially when your family have animal friends.
Properly train all home members and users, such as babysitters and visitors.
Secure doors and windows before arming.
Remember your PIN so you can disarm timely.
Remember your Safe Word so that you can cancel the alarm when the monitoring center is verifying with you.
Periodically check if the sensors are attached to the window or door firmly.

I see. Could you please make sure that your Wyze app and device firmware are all up to date.

At that point I gave up and ended the chat.

Screenshot of motion sensor activity:


I’ve never used motion sensors. Not with ADT not with Brinks, and certainly not with Wyze for the reasons listed above. I rely on perimeter sensors.

For the record, I went through everything in this and other thread, on Reddit, and customer support (including reset of sensor and/or base, adding from different parts of the app, removing the battery, new battery, …). Both of my sensors would false every 13 minutes.

I finally gave up and deleted the sensors to return them. After a week or so, I wanted the serial number of the sensors to ship them back, so I added the sensors to read the serial #s in the app. Miraculously, the problem was gone. I tried everything I had done in the past (resets, battery, …) to see if I can reproduce the issue, but I couldn’t and my sensor has been reliable ever since.

I had a similar experience with 2 unruly sensors back in February. Reset, battery change, reset, delete, add solved the problem after they sat without the battery for a bit.

Since then, another started false alarming and I moved it inside from my garage and it stopped. Back in the garage and it started doing it again. Found out it doesn’t like cold. Swapped it with an inside one and all is well.

Currently all originals are operational, most on original batteries, a year later.

I gave up…mine are on the way back to Wyze. I’ll be looking for a different brand to meet my needs.


Got 2 motion sensors with core starter + 1 spare. Used them to turn on lights upon entrance to room. They both worked great until they didn’t (5 months in). One started detecting motion a few times a day. Thought maybe the battery was the issue, so I replaced it - ng. Deleted and re-added the device to the hub - ng. Sensor began detecting motion more often. Submitted request for replacement. When I got replacement, the issued occurred immediately, but worse. Basically detecting motion every minute. I read in this forum about leaving the batteries out for a while, so I did for 2 days. When I reconnected it, seemed to have worked but began to report false motion again the next day.
In the meantime, I remember an issue with the original v1 contact sensors that would go bad if the battery drained too low. So, to be proactive, I replaced the batteries on my second sensor. Big mistake, that sensor now reports motion many times through out the day too.
Submitting request for replacement again. Let’s see what happens. FYI - Support requested a log from the 1st sensor, but did not request the device be sent back.

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Are you using Wyze rules and Wyze light bulbs to turn on lights or some other automation with other lights?

Update to my previous post - It was a known issue affecting the sensor and Wyze worked with me to replace the sensor. I’ve been successfully using HMS for about a month now and was contacted once by Noonlight because a family member tripped the alarm on accident. So far, so good!

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I encountered the same issue after proactively replacing the batteries. It worked fine for about 8 months. Once I replaced the batteries I would get false motion sensing a few times an hour. I resolved it by deleting the sensor and then removing batteries from the sensor over night. When I reinstalled the batteries and added it again the issue went away.

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I have had an issue with this for a while, Wye has sent me 2 new sensors and I still do not have a resolution and becoming frustrated. They have closed my ticket several times without resolve.

My garage sensor, the one that I originally had problems with false positives last year, started false alerting again last month. It seems as though when the temp drops thru a certain range, it gets very cantankerous. It finally settled back down after about two weeks of wide temp swings. That’s when it started staying cold. If it continues to be an annoyance, I am going to do the same as last time. Take the battery out for a week, replace w\ new battery, and reinstall it.