Motion on the timeline

Apparently I haven’t looked that app that close for a while.
I’ve been give the all important task of figuring out which child left our garage door open.
I have a cam in the garage.
It used to be there would be some sort of indication of motion on the recordings.
Now all I see is a timeline.
Is there a motion indication that I’m missing?

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There should be a green section of the timeline to indicate a motion event during that timeframe if your camera is set to event recording to SD card. It may take a moment to load (if set to continuous, the whole timeline is solid green). When you go into advanced settings>local storage, what does it show for your sd card storage?

Yep, have the green line. It is solid all the time except in the future. I only have motion detect on.
I used to have the motion sense for a specific area. is there not a way to speed up playback?

Unfortunately you can’t fast forward or fast rewind, although there is a wishlist item for that feature. You said the timeline is solid green, are you sure your local storage setting is event only? Not continuous? Or do you have constant motion that the camera is recording?

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I just look, it was set to continuous. Looks like I won’t spend the time to find the culprit.

thanks for the quick responses.

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Quick follow up - now that I have “Record events only” under local recording to micro SD card selected, the video timeline is working as I’d expect.

I will say, this is how I had it set sometime before, one of the app upgrades must have reset it.

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Yea, app upgrades sometimes revert settings. Good practice is to verify settings after upgrading your apps.

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