Motion Detection with V2

So, my question is, on a v2, the motion detection is a different kind than person detection? If not, it should be.

My problem was, my wife arrived home at night, turn on the light and the v2 detected that motion as a non-person detection, which is correct as the light switch, and hence my wife, are not visible due to a small wall, meaning it detect the light turning on. What I guess it happened is, as this non-person but motion detection was trigger (I didn’t receive notification as I have it just for person detection), the 5 minutes cooldown time starts. Then, my wife move across all the living room without any notification. She even went upstairs as it was no cameras in our place. I cannot imagine if, instead of my wife, were a burglar!!!

If it is like this, I suggest to have person and motion detection as 2 different kind of detection with different cooldown times as well, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

P.S. Yes, I’ll improve our setup with some wyze sense units but, lets just imagine I’m not.

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Person detection is a subset of motion detection, so they share the same motion detection cool down. What happens is motion is detected, and that 12-second clip is analyzed for the presence of a person.

I also believe only the motion that triggered the 12-second clip is analyzed, so if a person enters the frame late in the clip they won’t be recognized. So the small wall may ultimately mean you won’t get a person detection from someone entering the house. I know when my garage door goes up and I walk out late in the clip it never recognizes me, but has little trouble otherwise.

Yes, a motion sensor would be a good addition, with only a 1 minute cool down. However, sensor videos are not currently analyzed for the presence of a person.

Ultimately you may need to turn notifications for simple motion on.

Well, just as I imagine. Shame…

Turn on notifications for all detections means to do not sleep ever again so, I’ll play around with some sense kits instead.

Thanks for confirming my doubts.

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If no person is expected, why would you have any alerts at all? If you have pets, you can set a detection window above them.

Person detection isn’t that accurate to expect to not to miss a person or two, much less identify a burglar.

And if you think an IR motion sensor can detect a person …

It would be nice if person detection could override the non-person detection.

If a burglar drives up to my house, I won’t be notified.

I don’t think that’s true actually. But with CMC, for example, it only analyzes the first 12 seconds of the clip, regardless of how long it is.

It’s the only way I can explain it missing to identify me time after time when I open the garage door and only appear in the last few seconds at the end of the clip. It has little trouble identifying me otherwise.

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Without CMC? Interesting. That’s definitely not how they’ve described it, at least. I may try to test that out.

It’s possible the algorithm is now going to change with the CMC rollout.

Where does the person detection logic reside, the camera or the server?

Edit - Never mind, it’s in the camera; they updated the firmware just for CMC.

It’s on the camera. But that’s been true all along.