Delayed notifications on v3

I’m on if that helps. It takes about 5-10 seconds to receive the notification of a person detected and such. I set up a rule that if motion is detected turn on some lights and it turned the lights on in less than 3 seconds but the notification took much longer.

With a motion detection, a rule control action can go out as soon as the camera starts recording. With a person detection, the clip uploaded to the servers needs to be processed by the AI. If it identifies a person in the recording, then a rule control action can go out.

So there will be a delay in camera person detection actions, which require more processing.

A way to make person detections quicker in both notification and action is to use a Sense Motion sensor. That’s what I do on my front door. It turns on a signal bulb before they can even get to the doorbell because it needs no processing.

Of course there are complications with that method too, like if you don’t already have a Hub, getting one isn’t cheap or easy. But if you have functioning V1 sensors, then you can use those with their old Bridge.

Also, if people don’t come to your door often, you will probably get more alerts for birds & your car than anything else.

Positioning of a motion sensor is also critical to minimize alerts from nearby heat sources like the street, sidewalk, or your neighbors.


It takes my V3 and CamPlus a little over double that time to send notifications. Most of my use cases would require something much quicker, for turning on lights, notifying me of someone at the door/driveway/backyard, etc.

I use a PIR motion sensor for that. It senses body heat and turns on my signal light before they even get to the door. Catch there is you need to correctly position the sensor so you don’t get false triggers.

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I’m looking for detection of people and vehicles farther out than the reliable range of a PIR sensor

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