Motion alerts delayed after people are within green detection zone

I’m noticing that the recorded motion alerts that I’m receiving are delayed by about 5 seconds or 20 ft from the outer edge of the green detection zone. An example is each day when a delivery worker approaches our front door. The green detection zone starts at our front sidewalk but the videos I receive don’t catch them until they’re on our front steps. My videos are mostly of the top of their heads leaning over to place package on front steps and then their backs while walking away. I need their faces as they approach the house.

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The reason that this happens is when motion is detected the camera has to wake up and start the recording process since it is not always recording.

Dosent happen with a ring camera. Just saying these are more gimmicks than actually a useful product.

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Sorry, this a repost:
The light green area that represents the detection zone is completely bogus .in that: 1. No PIR
sensor with a lens has a perfectly rectangular detection zone. 2. The app implies to the user that every person moving in the green detection zone will be detected. The PIR sensor is not uniformly sensitive in all directions because of the limitations of the IR lens.

The PIR is a differential heat sensor with a lens to focus the IR light on the sensor.
In practice, this means the sensor is less sensitive to objects approaching head-on than to objects crossing its field of view.
Move your camera so that it has a slightly more angular view of the area you are most interested in detecting people.

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These are not Ring cameras. The way these are designed to save power using the base station you will miss a bit at the beginning of the event.

Tilt your camera further up so The green detection zone starts past your front sidewalk

No. they are not. Not even close.

Well, you are comparing apples to oranges. The Wyze WCO is designed to conserve as much power as possible while maintaining reasonable functions. PIR detectors have extremely low power requirements. Cameras that have pixel comparison for zone movement detection are more flexible but use a lot more power. You don’t have to search too far to find disgruntled Blink owners.