Motion Detection Area

Is it on the radar to be able to set an area for the motion detection, rather than full frame?

It’s more than on the radar. It’s actually released already in the current beta app. See below on how to join the beta if you’re interested:


Can you support drawing detection area like How to setup motion detection on a Hikvision NVR - YouTube ?
currently it only supports a single square exclusion box. I want to have detection area selection by grid box (support non-square shape, multiple areas etc)

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Here’s the #wishlist topic you’ll want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on:

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I realize a little older thread but wondering if this is still something for future plans? I’m used to being able to select multiple & granular custom areas throughout an entire frame even with my old Foscams.

Example attached

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The wishlist thread linked above does still say researching. Which means it’s getting looking into at some level. See the wishlist item for more.