Motion Blur on fast and slow moving objects

I have a brand new Wyze v3 camera just mounted on garage watching back alley. Today, I noticed horrific motion blur. I have read previous comments on the subject. The bur occured both with fast moving objects (cars) and slow moving objects (people walking slowly). I have 5 other cameras and have not noticed this type of behavior. I turned off “motion tagging”. So, I am wondering are there any other settings I can look at, or is this just a bad camera

Video example here (in case uploaded doesn’t play): wyze tech support - motion blur.mp4 - Google Drive

Jerky motion blur:

Not understanding your full setup (there is a second clock on your videos), how far is it from your router? Your times are going nuts like the camera keeps losing connection.

Maybe 30 feet (length of small garage) on the other side of garage door.

You’re saying this may be because of wifi connectivity?

One of the possibilities. Can you temporarily move it closer to see if that helps? Needs to view something similar if possible for a good test.

No way to move it closer without bringing it inside the garage. A 2nd wyze is already inside, and while I have noticed a little blur every now and then with it as car comes in and out , nothing like the first camera. I’ve seen something similar in a couple of the other outdoor cameras, as people move in and out of frame, but nothing like the continual jerkiness and blurring of this first camera.

I’ve already ordered a slightly faster router. Anything else I can look at?

A couple quick things would be to think about whether you can move the router closer, and to power-cycle the router just in case it’s in a funky state.

If you could move the router closer even for a short time, then that might tell you whether a weak signal is the issue. Then you could also consider things like WiFi extenders.

OK, thank you very much for suggestions. I edited a clip from inside the garage, and I do notice some blurring when door is closed and car begins moving. And this camera is only about 3 or 4 feet from router. But again, nothing like the one outside! Will try your suggestions. Again, thanks!

Still looks like weak signal or interference, but that is BAD for 3-4 feet! Is there a lot of metal between the router and the cam, or are you in a dense WiFi signal area?

Could be choosing a new channel on your WiFi might help too. Mine is set to “Auto”, where it is supposed to listen and choose the quietest channel on startup. That’s not foolproof, but may be better than if your router has WiFi set to a specific channel.

Sometimes “Auto” is the reason routers work better after cycling power – a channel suddenly gets congested by a neighbor installing something, and the router chooses a quieter channel on restart.

An alternative is to observe the bitrate shown in the live view. The lower the bitrate, the more likely to encounter this problem.

If this is the issue, you need a better router.

That is clearly not a direct play back or download from WYZE. Don’t you have another post on the same issue on the board that explains what you are using?

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Another question: I heard someone say running an Outdoor Cam base station on wifi within 15 feet or so of a V3 will give the V3 connection issues. Is that a possibility in your case? I haven’t verified the original claim yet.

Also, what @Antonius said – from the clock in the upper-left corner it is obvious the cams are going thru some other hardware or software. What is it?


Not the same issue. What I posted before was a camera that would diffuse the video without any motion whatsoever. Resolved that, mostly, with an outdoor extender right underneath the camera.

How were the above videos recorded? You said they are a v3? If you live view the camera in the Wyze app, is there still the same jerky motion?

WyzeCam V3 – wifi —> router ----- hard wire ----> docker-wyze-bridge ---- hard wire (rtsp) —> ContaCam NVR

I haven’t measured it exactly, but I’m sure the camera is more than 15 feet from the router.

I’ve had a variety of other ip cameras, (including a Wyze V2) in that same spot with the same router using rtsp, with their own issues, but never the sort of motion blurring I’ve seen here.

Based upon a similar post I made, I’m thinking it could very well be the interference (metal door, concrete wall with wood backing) between the router and camera. Going to try replacing the router (300mbs) with a faster one (450mbs) and see if that makes a difference.

The question was do you have an Outdoor Camera Base Station within 15 feet of the V3. Doesn’t sound like it?

That’s cool, but I’m guessing these are single-stream 150mbps devices? Still, I just replaced my sister’s 802.11n router because of intermittent connections, so can’t hurt! :slight_smile:

The camera, bridge, router and computer running nvr are all within 20 feet of each other, the camera being the only device not connected directly through ethernet cable.

I don’t have an sd card in the camera, so I’ll go outside and walk in front of it as I watch on my phone.

Another question might be (I am not familiar with it) is the docker-wyze-bridge on an old underpowered PC?

Just walked outside and tested. Not the motion blur / hyper jerk back and forth you see on videos. However, live view is clearly going a lot of stop and go.

And, just looking at the live view on my tablet with a strong connection, it is clear that the camera is struggling to stay connected to wifi. I guess I should have thought of testing this first. Duh!


It’s a new Raspberry Pi 4. These devices are low power, but powerful enough to bridge rtmp streams to rtsp, which is all this one does. I also tested it in my house for a couple days before deploying it to the garage and did not see this particular blurring / jerky behavior.

New router gets here tomorrow and we’ll see if it fixes the problem.

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