Monitoring setup and active but app continually goes back to setup, making me nuts

This issue was a “once in a while” until a couple days ago now it’s happening constantly and I’m about ready to throw my phone out the window. I keep my phone with me as I move through the house so it’s mostly all of my remotes in one place including turning the sense hub on and off at various times. I will pick up my phone tap the widget on the home page and then I get confronted with the monitoring setup routine, and you can’t exit the monitoring routine and get control of your hub again the most you can expect is to go back to the device list of everything but you can’t activate/deactivate the sense hub. Thank god I spent too much money on a keypad or I’d be left unable to turn my system on and off without rebooting my phone each time I need to turn the hub on and off. That’s the only way to regain control of the sense hub, rebooting the phone. I scanned the forum to see if anyone else is reporting this didn’t see anything but I may not be looking in the right place either. If you patiently attempt to re-enter your information that doesn’t work either it just keeps going back to we need to setup your monitoring system but all the information is already there so WTF? Phone is a samsung galaxy s23+ that I just got less than a month ago. There have been a couple of software updates over the last few weeks and it’s all UpToDate as far as I know. I pray to god this one gets fixed soon it’s absolutely aggravating!

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It has been reported to Wyze and there are other threads discussing the issue, linked below.

I also experienced this once. It seems to be an issue with the server authentication and verification process for the active subscription failing.

Some have been able to complete the setup again, which is recommended and won’t mess anything up. Others, like me, got a failure upon setup.

I cleared the cache in the app, signed out, forced the app closed, restarted the phone, signed back in, and haven’t experienced it again.


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Any response from support? This happens to me all the time.

After tearing my hair out with their lousy customer service… they finally had to refund my monitoring service. I then purchased it new. They (tech support, not customer service) had to go in and change something in my account so the NEW monitoring subscription showed up in my phone.

I had to go through the setup process and everything is working now.

I am also having this (or a very similar) problem. I open the Waze app and at least 50% of the time — increasing in frequency lately — the following sequence happens:

  1. I tap the Monitoring tab to see if the system is Armed or Disarmed.

  2. I see this screen:

  3. Notice that in the background it says Armed. The “Welcome to Cam Protect” screen should not appear because I have already gone through the setup process (several times, as a matter of fact.) Nonetheless I tap “Start Setup.” This takes me to this screen:
    [I can’t upload the screenshot because I’m a new forum user, but it shows that the alarm is disarmed and in Test Mode.]
    You’ll notice that the system now shows that it is Disarmed. In fact it seems to be disarmed - it has failed to alert me several times when a person has shown up on camera. This is especially a problem because I have had multiple break-ins and break-in attempts and I am depending on the system to protect property.

I have spent multiple hours on the phone with Wyze tech support and have followed up by chat and email, including sending a log file. They promised me a resolution and I have not see anything yet. I sent the log file weeks ago and the disarming problem has been going on since at least February.

I would like a full refund of all the money I spent on the monitoring service and on cameras, including two that were stolen. This is simply not dependable or fit for purpose as a security system.