Missing recording when police was visible

so not to long ago my neighbors across the street rented a uhaul truck to move right and had lefty the truck running outside while he ran inside to take a dump and on for some reason my camera did the same exact thing yours did. so another guy in another uhaul truck had drove by and when it seen the other uhual truck it had slowed down and got close enough to the other parked uhaul to see if the keys were in it im assuming. so it kept driving and made a right turn and that’s as far as my camera recorded. then it recorded another car passing by and then the next video wasnt a video but a still shot of the uhaul truck still there and the next one was another still shot of it gone and literallyu the next onme was a video of cars passing by but the uhaul was gone like if nothing ever happenmed or was wrong. so the camera didn’t record the man walking up to the truck or driving away in my neighbors rented uhaul. the police asked for my video camera footage and when i checked it with the police next to me they were even confused since the officer owned some wyze cams as well.

This has been happening since I started using this camera over a year ago… i just figured they either do it on purpose (because it’s not every time) or it’s something that is due to all their electronics or whatever

I have had this happen on 4 separate occasions. My wyze cam acts like the the event never happened. But I can view it on my sd card. It’s got to be programmed into the wyze camera. To not record an event when law enforcement is involved. My camera doesn’t go blank it just doesn’t record the event. Like nothing happened until I review my SD card and there it will be

this did not happen in living room but on the street.
perhaps such immunity does not work on the street, public places so they had to tamper recordings.
my blink cams always record cops alas with 10 seconds gaps

exploit must be built into chip and police jammers use it.
nothing wyze can do

do neighbors also have cams on this spot, did you talk to them?
or install more cams, when they all go off at same time then you have proof of conspiracy.
perhaps this is what it is about, chinese conspiracy to purchase more :slight_smile:

WiFi Jamming, nothing new here…

very new, nothing like dissasoc attack
and not just wifi

Tin Foil Hat may be too tight, loosen for better results… :rofl:

thanks for sharing your experiences behind door without knob, do not hide when they bring meds

It’s not the police doing it. It’s the wyze program. I had an incident where officers came and it’s unable to show the recording, it says failure.
Then not too long ago I had missionaries show up. In the thumbnail it looks like they have a badge, and the wyze program probably thought it was an officer badge. So I am unable to see the recording, it just says failure.

Wyze cams are not programmed to detect or prevent police from being filmed. That’s just absurd. :joy: We had the police at our house a couple weeks ago and they were on my recordings and event log. Now I wish I’d kept the recordings so I could post them.

yeah they probably do it cause do not like be dragged to courts. blink made available lea form, did not see such on wyze website

If their AI could detect and block LEO’s from being recorded don’t you think that the Vehicle detection would work better and not detect parked (not moving) vehicles :rofl:

The one’s that think their is a Law Enforcement Officer lockout of some sort are just paranoid. The Wyze cams miss a lot of detections due to poor firmware and AI,

I have over 24 cams and some look at each other, I have events captured on one that the other misses and they both see the same area.

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I don’t get many missed detection, my setup has been pretty reliable thus far. But I don’t have much success with the smart vision, which is really close to what is being discussed about being able to recognize police apart from a regular person.

Are they programmed for this? Thats up for discussion…

It is NOT absurd in 2023. It very much is a possible thing.

Let me give you some FYI:

Modern scanners and printers ARE PROGRAMMED to recognize currency and not print/scan them…

Modern printers print micro dot patterns that CAN BE USED to ID them. Much like a typewriter in the past has characteristics to ID them…

AI and massive computing power can be used to do a lot of things… See Alexa etc…

I am not saying they are or are not… I am saying its not “absurd” that it could be possible.

Now where there could be issues:

RFI issues caused by the units… but honestly, considering my own personal situation, I find the RFI issue low on the scale… Its possible… but US LE use RF from 30Mhz to 4.9Ghz, depending on area… Most of this stuff is now days in the 769-870Mhz via Trunked systems, with at most 35W out of a mobile, the ERP would be higher but the near field RFI issue would be prevalent if this was the source…

Flashing lights from lightbars… is an possibility…

Bright light from metal objects ie: a badge or similar could also trigger the above…

RFI #2 from the unit(s) in a low signal 2.4Ghz 802.11bgn area of the camera(s)

With out a lot more to go on I can think of several issues which cause this…

It is not absurd, it is well within the realm of possibilities in2023…

I also follow Gibbs Rule #39, no coincidences.

There would need to be some more A/B testing to determine the issue, without a disclosure from wyze, and the chances of that happening are lower than winning the PowerBall, 2x with the same numbers consecutively. So zero.

I’m saying that it’s absurd to think wyze is baking this into their hardware/software. Not that it’s not possible for any camera company to do that, but to think wyze is doing that (when the cameras have difficulty with trees waving and the smart vision) is absurd.

If you are thinking it absurd that this is occurring be it wyze or any one else… I

I will very politely and strongly state, you should VERY MUCH QUESTION THIS!

Fact: ring and others do many things that YOU LIKELY would say is absurd.

All WITHOUT WARRANTS, or even your permission.

Absent concrete prove I would put this up as debatable…

Fact is: your privacy is violated many times by google etc… Have a cell phone? Trust me your “subscriber data” has been looked up and used with out your permission… Have an unlisted phone number, guess what there are terminals which the 911 PSAP has which can take your name, an address, partial data, and look up ANY number. And this was since the 90’s and before.

I can tell you right now that there is ton of data that IS ABUSED by LE and others.

How do I know? Because I work in the field. And thats all I am going to say in public.

I can tell you its NOT absurd that it any company could be doing this… Till proven otherwise… I know plenty of accessing of cameras, cough ring cough was done when an event happens… And the OWNER of said camera(s) is none the wiser. And amazon will be slapped with a do not disclosure letter… but they are complicit in it any way…

Look around to the various release of data at various “social media” sites… ummm… the GOVERNMENT was and IS ACTIVELY attempting to suppress dissenting views.

This is NOT absurd to think that wyze or any other company is not doing it, especially if you are familiar with what is ALREADY BEING done.

Is wyze??? I don’t know… My own test would say no… I wouldn’t call the exhaustive to cover all cases. Honestly mostly its the obvious answer that is true… RFI, bright lights… something, but I can guarantee we WILL NEVER KNOW. As wyze would be slapped with a do not disclose letter aka an NSL.

I would strong suggest that you take a deep reflection on the evidence which is out there that companies act nefariously when pushed by strong influences, ie: government especially law enforcement.

WYZE must not be doing a very good job. I live on a dead end street with a turn around court and I have a V3 Pro recording the street and court 24/7. About 2 months ago at night there were three police SUVs and three officers parked directly in front of my house. The officers were shining their flashlights all over and directly at my camera at least twice. The next morning I watched all 35 minutes of the police wandering around the well lit court and street. There is a street light next to my house and I have a motion sensor dual LED Flood light that will turn night into day so it wasn’t dark. I thought they were after my gang of 5 :raccoon:(s)

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I never said it was absurd to think it could happen with any company. What I said, pretty specifically, is that it’s absure to think that WYZE is doing this right now at this moment as others in this thread have posited.

It’s clear that wyze’s hardware and software just does not have this capability. Could it in the future? Sure. Currently? No, and I find it laughable that anyone thinks that’s the current case.

Also, You’re arguing against points I never made, and assuming (wrongly, I might add) that I don’t realize that companies are using my data or that law enforcement or the government can access things about me? I work for the federal government, by the way.

At this point your entire tirade is just amusing. :joy:

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