Microphone/Sound detection for pre-set commands

I’d really like to have a mic which is part of sense or the mic on the cam to be always listening and recognize pre-set commands like “Turn on lights 1”, “Turn on lights 2” to control my Hue lights via ifttt instead of calling Hey Siri and then wait, then tell the command. Commands can be pre-set to specific device names for different appliances etc. That would be nice

I’ve accepted this topic into #wishlist. But here’s a comment: this request would be a major undertaking beyond anything that Wyze is currently doing in that it would require a whole artificial intelligence back end to process the voice command in the way the Alexa, Google and Siri do.

But let’s see how Wyze categorizes the topic.

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I don’t know anything about how the internals of the backend work. I thought that if the commands were limited to an amount and were factory preset, it would be easier to make them. Just like repeating the only few sentences that the machine recognizes to trigger actions