MaxDrive by Wyze (Cancelled)

I’m interested and signed up for Beta. Hopefully they will have a better way than the mobile app to buy it as soon as it becomes available. With the sensors I tried to buy one for days using the mobile app and I kept not being able to because it kept erroring out. Sadly I missed out and could not get me early access to sensors because the mobile app problems. Now I have to wait for them to go on sale :frowning:

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I bought my sensors using a Windows laptop.

Maxdrive is delayed.

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THAT is a big disappointment :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
/edit - thanks for the info

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Yes that’s disappointing , With that capability I would see no need for RTSP.
As all video would be available to all your devices off the drive.
How about working on the Maxdrive App, so that all cameras can backup to the 2tb hard drive
I have installed on my router, or any brand Nas
I am sure plenty of people have routers with USB Hard drives
The software is the Key

Support for storage on a NAS hard drive would be wonderful, regardless of the MaxDrive hardware itself (as I already have a NAS device).



I will add that RTSP is now available and you can use it to support streaming to your own NAS. To use RTSP on a Wyze Cam, you need to flash the special RTSP firmware to the camera. Lots of info is available if you search on the forum for “RTSP”. The basics are here:

But RTSP requires us to step out of the normal stream of software improvement.

Indeed - because then you’re using your Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Video Monitoring System (VMS) to perform the functions you’d get in the software from Wyze.


IF I understood everything above correctly, the potential options for V2/Pan camera firmware are:

  • Current features + RTSP, or
  • Current features + other features

… The latter of which would likely include the ability to save SD content (on a ~1 minute delay) to ANY Samba network path?

If so, it seems like the only reason to delay a Samba-save feature would be to pair it with the release of the MaxDrive hardware, which has its own delay going on. Technically speaking there should be no reason that a Save-to-Samba firmware feature should be tied to the release of the MaxDrive - it’s “just” firmware development.

But, on the one hand I can kind of see a business case for tying the two together. Features and integration can drive sales, and sales keeps a company happy and healthy.

On the other hand, it feels like there’s a really good user-experience case to be made for putting the FW feature out whenever it’s capable.

On the gripping hand, I’m just someone who would really like to use my standalone desktop with several TB of storage for something like this instead of “just” a media server and for the odd manual doc backup.

Alternatively, I could really get into a computer-based app/OS service that does what the MaxDrive does, on my existing computer. I have no idea what the MaxDrive enclosure is expected to sell for, but I think I’d be happy to pay some reasonable portion of that for a software solution that wouldn’t take up yet another outlet on my already-crowded outlet manager/protector, plus another of the dwindling number of ports on my network switch… Especially if it was able to tie into the existing Wyze app / account as the MaxDrive would.


In another thread they mentioned that they would release SMB support so you could use your own drive. It would be released when MaxDrive is available.

I would like to see the SMB option come out before then as well.

To the Wyze people on this forum… Any chance this will make it’s way into the beta firmware?

Dave hinted today that MaxDrive is pretty much not happening. Is there more information on this? @WyzeDave I would like to know what possible other options would be for storing camera footage possibly if MaxDrive is no longer coming to fruition.

Our partner for MaxDrive fell through and we’re currently looking for other solutions for NAS capability. Sorry about this!

Oh no problem I am not upset. I am just curious on what happened. I know business is a pain sometimes. Is there a workaround by chance coming around or start from scratch again? Is this still going to be on the roadmap as a device that will be coming?

And what about SMB?

That’s disappointing for me, as I’m sure it was for the Wyze team. I hope work will continue on SMB compatibility since that would not be dependent on specific hardware.



I want more than the approx. weeks worth of video the 32GB card gives.
I’ve moved my second camera outdoors and the direct storage to my own device is needed. If someone takes the camera I’d like to be able to see them.

I like that RTSP is progressing but I’m pretty happy with the Wyze software and SMB would be the icing on the cake.

SMB is a good “other solution:wink:

I thought Wyze had said SMB would come with MaxDrive but it would work with other drives also. Unless they are making a very special interface it seems they could release some form of SMB now.

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Opened up a topic on this for the wishlist. Maybe just a software change for the cloud?