MaxDrive by Wyze (Cancelled)

I thought Wyze had said SMB would come with MaxDrive but it would work with other drives also. Unless they are making a very special interface it seems they could release some form of SMB now.

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Opened up a topic on this for the wishlist. Maybe just a software change for the cloud?

@WyzeGwendolyn or any other Wyzers

Can anyone throw us a bone about the possibility of an SMB option coming?

I’ll poke around on that one though I don’t have an answer at this point. :slight_smile:

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thx… I really like what’s being done with the person and vehicle detection so being able to use the app with SMB storage would be great.

As some of you may have already heard, MaxDrive has been cancelled due to the partnership falling through. We are still planning to have NAS capability in the future but that feature will be delayed after this. We’re sorry about this and we’ll keep you updated as we make progress on a new solution.


:frowning: but certainly appreciate the update.

Thanks for the update - any chance on SMB being made available separately?

I don’t think that’s the plan at this point but I’ll share your request with the team.

Bummer, I was really looking forward to buying it. hopefully NAS will be available soon

Adding an FTP server to the cameras that have an SD card probably won’t be too difficult. Probably just pasting in some code.


This would be a good option.

Vote for FTP.

I’m still holding out hope that development continues until a product is released.

Dang sad to hear I was looking forward to getting one. A suggestion may be is to make a way you can make an app that would pair with current NAS systems like Linksys, UnRAID, Synergy, etc? The hardware is there already just have to port over the streams. With the RTSP being use this could be possible.

Sad news :frowning:

The hope is for the SMB connectivity they have been teasing us with.

Sad this fell through but looking forward to a NAS/Centralized local storage solution in the future!

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Ok so is MaxDrive still being worked on or is it completely dead ? There are 137 posts on this subject but I don’t know anything about RTSP, SMB, and other things like that…I just want to be able to store video off of the camera.